Live social media stream on digital signage

Social media wall

It is now possible to display a “live” social media stream on the digital signage across campus.

The stream is moderated behind the scenes by someone at UVic using a web-based tool. The stream can be made to appear live, as posts can be approved and added to the stream very quickly.

Potential uses

If people are posting on Twitter or Instagram with a specific hashtag, this content can be displayed on digital signage. Examples:

  • Convocation 
  • Conferences 
  • Events 
  • Contests 


Please contact the social media team at to discuss your ideas and get set up.


One option is to take over a display during an event and show the "live" social media stream.

This will encourage people to post using your hashtag as they will want to see themselves on the display. It also allows everyone to see the social media conversations that are normally only visible to people using their phone during your event.

Example: After a convocation ceremony, you show a stream of posts tagged with #uvic2019 on the displays in the University Centre lobby. 

Another option is to treat the social media stream as just another “slide” among other digital slides in the rotation. The feed can be displayed on your own digital displays or submitted as central content.

Example: To promote IdeaFest, you curate a selection of recent tweets tagged with #ideafest2020. This slide of tweets will appear for 30 seconds before moving on to the next slide in rotation.