UVic’s ongoing and shared social media priorities

Any social media activity carried out by a UVic department should fall under one these three priorities.

1) Advance the university’s reputation by communicating the UVic Edge

Social media managers share videos, blog posts, photos and other social media posts that relate to dynamic learning, vital impact and the extraordinary academic environment.

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2) Support departmental initiatives that align with institutional priorities as defined by the university’s strategic plan.

These initiatives include (but are not limited to):

  • recruiting students
  • supporting current students
  • promoting research strengths to partners
  • supporting government relations
  • contacting media about potential stories
  • strengthening relationships with alumni and donors

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3) Engage in social listening and respond appropriately

Social listening is the process of following conversations social media to learn what others are saying about you.

At UVic, social listening is beneficial in many situations. One example is looking for future students asking questions about UVic on social media and finding the right person to help them. 

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