About us

We provide strong strategic leadership and effective tactical support to the university and its main components in the areas of communications and marketing, in order to assist UVic to:

  • realize its vision of being a university of choice for outstanding students, faculty and staff from BC, Canada and around the globe;
  • strengthen its position among the best universities in Canada and the world; and
  • achieve recognition for UVic's significant contributions toward the betterment of global society.

Positioning the university

We tell the UVic story to the university's most significant target audiences. We position the university and its units through consistent, effective messaging and creative work applied across the range of complementary communications and marketing mediums, including new channels such as social media.

Working with you

We sit down with academic and administrative units as partners and engage in a conversation about how we can work together to make the most effective use of university resources to move forward on their priorities, at the same time as we make significant progress on the university's overall objectives.

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