Creating new social media accounts

Before creating a new account, social media managers should consult with their colleagues and create a plan to ensure the proposed account will contribute to the department’s overall communications strategy. 

Here are a few questions to consider:


What is the main purpose of the account? Who are you trying to connect with?  See Using social media strategically for more information.


Does a UVic account already exist that reaches your audience? Check the list of official UVic social media accounts. Consider opportunities for collaboration.

Social media manager

Who will be the primary social media manager for the new account? Who will provide support when this person is away?  See The role of the social media manager for more information.


Will the designated social media manager have enough time to manage this new account?

We recommend that people should have at least 10 hours per week to focus on social media, if they are managing their own accounts. This includes planning, curating content, creating posts, monitoring, responding, creating reports and professional development.

Comment moderation

Do you have moderation guidelines? See Content monitoring for more information.