Eco Box Program

Eco Box Program
Project Name: ECO Box Reusable Container Pilot Project
Project Cost: $65, 405
Money Requested:  $25, 000
Project Leaders:

John Thompson (Director, UNFS)

Erica Christie (Manager, Financial Operations, UNFS)

Status: In progress

Eco Box Pilot Project Progress Report

Project summary

This collaborative pilot project between UVic Food Services and the Office of Campus Planning and Sustainability involves the introduction of an opt-in reusable container exchange program called the "ECO BOX" program.

The "Eco Box" program launched in the fall of 2022 in the Cove Dining Facility, and is now available in Mystic Market. This program creates an opportunity for residence students, non-residence students, staff, and faculty to participate in campus waste reduction by choosing to purchase food in a reusable/returnable container.

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Summary of successes

Information coming soon!