Waste Reduction Video Series

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Waste Reduction Video Series

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Project Leaders:

 Nadia Ariff (Manager of Waste Reduction Services)
Status:                 Completed October 2017

Project summary

Many users of the UVic recycling stations experience confusion when they approach the stations with certain items. This project aims to create three 15 to 30 second ‘instructional’ videos, each concentrating on one key message pertaining to recycling sorting stations.  The videos will be centred on a particular user with items to dispose of at the recycling station. The videos will be filmed and edited professionally and will be less formal/instructional and more fun and attractive. Video 1: the coffee cup, video 2: composting, its easy because its everywhere, video 3: If in doubt, check out our new Recyclepedia page.

Summary of successes

  • 3 videos produced
  • videos shared via campus telepromters
  • videos have been viewed hundreds of times