District energy

geo-heat exchange
One option identified for UVic: solar thermal battery combined with heat geo-heat exchange.


Project name:
District Energy System Carbon Intensity Reduction Feasibility Research

Project cost:      


Money Requested: 


Project Leaders:

Dr. Curran Crawford (Mechanical Engineering)

 David Adams (UVic Energy Manager)

Status:                 Complete April 2017

Options for Reducing UVic's District Energy System Emission                 

Final Report

Project summary

Reducing the carbon intensity of the District Energy System (DES) is important to achieve the 2019 Action Plan carbon reduction goal, and integrating alternative technology (non-natural gas) will be critical for achieving subsequent emission reduction goals (e.g. the 2050 goal of 80% emission reduction). As of the fall of 2016, a project to replace the main campus boilers was underway and included provisions for space to accommodate low-carbon alternative energy technology requirements. However, alternative technology identification was not part of project.

Graduate students in the Institute for Integrated Energy Systems, supervised by Dr. Curran Crawford, completed the study. David Adams of Facilities Management will acted as the staff sponsor, providing up-to-date information and data on the district energy system and any relevant reports that discuss the district energy system and technologies previously considered.

Summary of successes

  • Summary report completed
  • Presentation made to the Facilities Management and UVic Sustainability
  • Public presentation made