Why anthropology at UVic?

We've offered a successful master’s program since 1966. In 2010 we started offering an innovative doctoral program distinguished by our commitment to bridge anthropology’s traditional subfields through integrative themes that build on departmental research strengths:

Core seminars in these thematic areas provide a platform for graduate projects at both the MA and PhD levels.

MA in Anthropology

Our MA is intended as a two-year program that offers students breadth in relation to our department’s integrative research themes while grounding them in the research methods of their primary subfield (archaeological, biological or cultural anthropology).

Annual application deadline is January 15.

PhD in Anthropology

Launched in 2010, our PhD program centres on integrative research themes intended to foster interdisciplinary dialogue around topics of pressing interest in contemporary anthropology and society.

Collaborative, community-based scholarship and a critical engagement with processes of knowledge production are centre pieces of our doctoral program.

Annual application deadline is January 15. Discover your edge at UVic.