Meal plan and ONECard

The UVic ONECard is not only the official University of Victoria identification card, it's also a meal plan card, food card, library card, recreation membership card and campus debit card!

Meal Plan

Winter Session 2023-24

When you move into a dormitory bedroom (excluding apartments and Cluster rooms), you are automatically placed on a mandatory residence meal plan. This declining balance meal plan is added to your ONECard and has an allotment of money that you can use to purchase food and beverages in University Food Services dining outlets.

  • Meal plans are required for students living in dormitories.
  • Students staying in Cluster rooms, Pod-style housing or apartments are not placed on a meal plan, but can purchase a tax-exempt plan at any time.
  • Parents and students can add dollars to any residence meal plan through a variety of convenient options.

Visit the Food Services website for details on the meal plan options available from September through April, including where and how to use your ONECard.

Although Residence Services collects fees for mandatory meal plans, University Food Services manages all meal plans and adjustments.

Summer 2023

The voluntary  Summer Meal Account is a flexible option for all students who have a ONECard between May 1 and August 31.  To apply, email or visit the UNFS office located in the Robert Carroll Building. 

Once the Summer Meal Account has been added to your ONECard, funds can be loaded with one of the UNFS cashiers or at the ONECard office. When you make a purchase, that amount is deducted from your balance. Add money at your convenience and tap your ONECard at any UNFS location to receive the 10% discount. 

The food service offerings will be reduced during the summer and UNFS cannot guarantee they will be open for all meal times. For this reason the Summer Meal Account is voluntary with no minimum loads. 

More information can be found: