Meal plan and ONECard

The UVic ONECard is not only the official University of Victoria identification card, it's also a meal plan card, food card, library card, recreation membership card, U-Pass card and campus debit card!

Meal Plan

When you move into a dormitory bedroom (excluding apartments and Cluster rooms), you are automatically placed on a mandatory residence meal plan. This declining balance meal plan is added to your ONECard and has an allotment of money that you can use to purchase food and beverages in University Food Services dining outlets.

  • Meal plans are required for students living in dormitories.
  • Students staying in Cluster rooms or apartments are not placed on a meal plan, but can purchase a tax-exempt plan at any time.
  • Parents and students can add dollars to any residence meal plan through a variety of convenient options.

Visit the Food Services website for details on the meal plan options available from September through April, including where and how to use your ONECard.

For meal plans between May and August, refer to the information for summer students.

Although Residence Services collects fees for mandatory meal plans, University Food Services manages all meal plans, adjustments and refunds.

How to get your ONECard

New students can have a ONECard created through the new photo upload service offered by the ONECard office. This service is available through MyPage. Submit your photo and pick it up on move-in day!

Photos must follow the ONECard photo standard as stated on the ONECard website. If you do not wish to use the upload service, please visit the ONECard office to have your photo taken and your card produced.

All UVic ONECards are issued from the ONECard office in the University Centre lobby. The ONECard office will be open extra hours during Residence Move-in week-end for pick-up. You will require your UVic identification number and one piece of government issued photo identification at pick-up.