Family housing is available for families with or without children. Units are rented to eligible UVic students on a yearly basis, up to a maximum stay of five years (or fifteen consecutive semesters) per family.

For complete eligibility requirements, refer to the Family Housing Agreement.

Note: we do not permit smoking, subletting or pets (with the exception of guide dogs).

Definition of family

For the purposes of admission to UVic family housing, a family unit can be defined as one of the following:

  • Two people who are legally married, with or without children
  • Two people who have lived together in a provable, enduring continuous relationship for a period of one year or more, with or without children
  • A single parent living with their children
    • Children of single parents must reside full-time in the residential premises for at least 6 months of any calendar year
  • Children may be biological, legally adopted or under legal guardianship of the parents

Student status

To be eligible for family housing, at least one parent must be registered as a full-time UVic student.

  • Undergraduate students must be registered in a degree-granting program with at least 12 units per academic year (September 1 - August 31) and a minimum of 9 units from September - April.
  • Graduate students must have full-time status confirmed by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Number of occupants

The maximum number of occupants allowed are defined according to the size of the unit.

Accommodation type Maximum # of adults Maximum # of children
One-bedroom apartment Two (2) adults One (1) child under the age of 5
Two-bedroom apartment Two (2) adults Two (2) children under the age of 19
Two-bedroom townhouse Two (2) adults Two (2) children under the age of 19
Three-bedroom townhouse Two (2) adults Three (3) children under the age of 19