Parents and Guardians

Residence Services is committed to assisting students find the resources and programs they need to encourage personal and academic success. We invite all residence students to connect with our Residence Services staff, who are available to answer questions and support their transition. This page will point you to key information and resources to help you guide your student to make the most of their stay in residence.


Communicating with or about your student

  • What kind of information can the university tell me about my student?
  • What if I can't get in touch with my student?
  • How can I send mail and packages to my student?

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Community Living

While in residence, your student is expected to abide by the Residence Contract and guidelines outlined in the Community Living Handbook.

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Wellness and Safety

UVic offers programs and services that support conditions for student sucess.

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Construction notice

UVic is building new student housing that will provide much needed on-campus housing for approximately 600 students. Please be aware that construction work is ongoing in the Residence Services precinct bringing some unavoidable disruption, noise and dust. 

Learn more about UVic's new student housing project.