At UVic, residence is more than just a place to live, it's a place where you'll get involved, deepen your interests, and grow as a person within a like-minded community. We offer you a range of living spaces tailored to your personal and academic interests.  

Living learning communities

  • Apply to one of our living and learning communities if you want to live with other students who share your academic or personal interests. These communities blend your residential and academic experiences.
  • We have a limited number of rooms in the living learning communities and entrance is competitive.
  • If you would like to apply to one of these communities, make sure you select it as one of your five preferences in the residence application. You will be asked to submit a supplemental application answering two questions about your motivation for applying. Residents will be selected based on the quality of their answers.

Substance-free community

  • If you choose this community, you are committed to a lifestyle where you don't possess or use alcohol and other recreational substances.
  • If you're interested in joining this community, indicate your choice in the residence application.
  • If you join this commuinity, you must sign the Community Living Agreement.

Quiet-floor community

  • While quiet hours are upheld in every residence, these floors are available for students who want to live in a community with further noise reduction.
  • If you're interested in joining this community, indicate your choice in the residence application.
  • If you join this community, you must sign the Community Living Agreement.
  • Quiet Floor communities are located in Ring Road Hall, Roderick Haig-Brown Hall, Poole Hall, and Cluster housing.

Mixed Gender Housing

The University of Victoria is committed to fostering a safe and inclusive residence community for all students and values diversity in all forms, including gender diversity. The University of Victoria offers students a variety of types of residence living arrangements including single-gender and mixed gender housing. In mixed gender housing students of any and all gender identities and/ or gender expressions live together in a community.

While gender identity is asked on the residence application, please note that this information is only collected for demographic and statistical purposes. Gender identity is used during the room assignment process in order to assign students, where possible, to their preferred residence accommodation type. 

Mixed gender housing is available in most residence buildings and room types. Students who would prefer to live in mixed gender accommodation may prefer buildings that have single stall bathroom and shower facilities and may want to consider the following buildings as preferences: ParkTowerSouth TowerRing RoadDavid ThompsonSir Arthur Currie, and Cluster housing.

Please note: the residence application does not specifically identify room types or buildings that are designated as mixed-gender as the location(s) may vary from year-to-year. All students are asked to list room type and building preferences in their housing application.

All students are able to request to live in mixed gender housing; however, mixed gender housing is based on availability and may not be guaranteed. If mixed gender housing is a needs-based accommodation, or if you would simply like to initiate a conversation with a residence staff member regarding what you see as your gender-specific housing needs, please contact Allegra Sobotkiewicz, Residence Admissions, at or phone 250-472-4534.