Undergraduate students

Exterior of a Cluster residence
Exterior of a Cluster residence

If you're an upper-year undergraduate student, you can apply to live in the cluster housing neighborhood pod-style housing and selected dormitory buildings, including certain Living Learning Communities. We define upper-year undergraduate students as those who do not qualify for the first-year guarantee.

Students who require a specific room type that is not available to them because of their classification, and/or students who require specific features within a building or room, should submit a Priority Consideration Request

Cluster housing

The Cluster (CL) neighbourhood is comprised of apartment and townhouse units. These self-contained units include four bedrooms, a full kitchen and a semi-furnished living room. A four bedroom unit has two semi-private washrooms and one semi-private shower room. 

Our four bedroom cluster units offer four single bedrooms within each unit. In Cluster apartment units all four bedrooms are on one floor. In the Cluster townhouse units, there are two bedrooms upstairs and two bedrooms downstairs.

Semi-Private Bathroom - A semi-private bathroom is shared between two or more students, and is used only by the residents of that unit. Usually 2-4 students share a semi-private bathroom. Residents in these units are responsible for cleaning the bathroom themselves.

If you live in the Cluster neighbourhood you are not required to purchase a meal plan.

Each kitchen has two fridges, a stove, and a dining room table with four chairs.
Cable hookups are available in each bedroom, but you need to arrange and pay for cable service and provide your own television. Wireless Internet is available across campus including your room in residence. Internet ports are also located in each room but students will need to provide their own Ethernet cable. 

Pod-style housing

With the opening or our new building in Fall 2023, we are launching an exciting new housing option. Pod-style housing is a response to some of the most common housing requests we have received from our residents - private single rooms, kitchen access, and gender-neutral single user bathrooms. There are four floors in Sŋéqə ʔéʔləŋ (Sngequ House) in Pod-style housing. 

Each pod is a secured floor made up of forty private dormitory rooms with shared amenities, including a communal lounge/living area, a shared dining space, and large central kitchen. The kitchen will come equipped with multiple fridges and freezers, electric ranges, microwaves, and lockable cabinets available for each resident to store their personal items.  The following small appliances will also be provided: toaster, kettle, and rice cooker.  Day to day upkeep will be managed by the residents of the pod and regular deep cleaning will be provided by hour housekeeping staff.  Student Staff living on the pod floor will go over kitchen etiquette and create a cleaning schedule with residents when they move in.  Pod residents are not required to purchase a meal plan. However, they may wish to enroll in the tax-exempt meal plan offered by University Food Services.  Access to pods is limited to residents living on that specific floor and their guests.

Pod-style housing was designed centering around our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. Pods will feature gender neutral, singer user toilet and shower stalls. Shared kitchen space will include lowered counter and cook tops as well as accessible sinks. We offer a limited number of accessible rooms in each pod which are equipped with strobe alarms and additional floor space. These are located near accessible washrooms which include roll-in showers. 

Description Communities Room types 360 tours Bathroom types
  • Single-gender and mixed-gender units
  • 4 students per unit


  • General
  • Substance-free
  • Single
  • Semi-private

Sŋéqə ʔéʔləŋ (Sngequ House) 

Formerly known as Building 2

  • Mixed-gender
  • Approx. 400 students
  • General
  • Indigenous LLC
  • French LLC
  • Global Citizenship LLC
  • Health and Wellness LLC
  • Pod-style
  • Single

  • coming soon
  • Single user

South Tower 

  • Mixed-gender
  • Approx. 100 students
  • Sustainability LLC
  • Single
  • Single user