Community living standards

In order to maintain the well-being of the residence community, all residents must demonstrate respect for one another and for the community as a whole. These standards are followed by all community members and actively upheld by all members of the residence staff.

The Community Living Handbook outlines everything you need to know about living in your new home, including your rights and responsibilities in the residence community. This is an important document that all current and prospective residents should read to better understand the community you are joining, the rights and expectations we all share, and the potential consequences for inappropriate behaviour.

All students living in a shared unit with one or more roommates are expected to participate in our mandatory Roommates 101 program. This program helps to facilitate conversations between roommates with the purpose of developing an agreement of what the coming year will look like in your shared space.

Please note there is a no guest policy in place in all residence areas from Monday, September 4, to Sunday, October 1 2023 inclusive. During this time period off campus guests are not permitted in the residence precinct. 

A Roommate Guide for Apartment Style Housing

A Roommate Guide for Traditional Style Housing