Moving Out

Your move out date

Everyone is required to move out on the day after their last final exam in December, and on the day after their last final exam in April.

If you do not have any exams that appear on the Registrar’s exam timetable you are required to move out on the second day of the exam period.  Some students have other academic requirements not scheduled by the Registrar. If you have an academic commitment that requires you to stay on campus after your last exam, you must submit an extension request (see below).

Winter closure

The university is closed every year between the end of December exams and the start of January classes. All residents are required to leave campus for the winter closure and we are not able to accommodate departures after the exam period.

September to April residents

If you are living in the same room for the full winter session (September to April), you may keep your room keys and leave your belongings in your room during the winter closure.

Departing late

Everyone is required to move out after their last final exam.  We understand this isn’t possible for all students. Around the middle of each term we will email our residents instructions on how to apply for a booking extension.

Extension requests

Extension requests are submitted with a form. On the form you will need to indicate your requested departure date, and some basic information such as the reason for your request. Forms need to be submitted by the deadline.

We grant extension requests whenever possible, but please note that some bookings cannot be extended. We evaluate each form and will approve (or deny) requests based on a number of factors. Some factors are within your control, such as your standing with Residence Life and Residence Accounting. Other factors are external, such as building or room maintenance.

After we review your extension request you will receive an email indicating your latest accommodation date. This could be your original date, your requested date, or some other date between the two.

Staying beyond your departure date

You may not stay on campus later that your approved departure date. After this date, staff may enter your room to confirm that you have left, perform maintenance, or clean and inspect it for future residents.

If you continue to occupy a room after your departure date:

  • We may remove personal items
  • Access to the room may be restricted
  • Additional charges may apply

Moving out

Remove all your items and leave your unit in good condition. Return your keys to the residence office.

Before you move out

  • Check and empty your residence mail box
  • Update your current mailing address on My page
    • We are not able to forward your mail
    • This address will be used for the cheque refund of your damage deposit
  • If you have a storage or bike locker, remove all items
    • All keys and tags need to be returned in person
  • Cancel external services such as cable TV
  • Clean your room. If you live in cluster, common areas also need to be cleaned

Moving out

  • Return your room keys to the Residence office
    • Dorm residents need to return keys to:
      • Bedroom
      • Building
      • Mailbox
    • Cluster residents need to return keys to:
      • Bedroom
      • Unit
      • Storage
      • Stairwell (if applicable)
      • Laundry (if applicable)
      • Mailbox (if applicable)
    • All residents need to return any additional keys issued
  • Keys need to be clean (no stickers, paint, etc.) and in good condition.
  • Return keys using the provided envelope. Make sure the envelope is marked with your room number and properly sealed.


When you move out, your room should be returned to its original state, so another student could move in.

If we need to clean your room, charges will be applied.

Cleaning check list

  • Take garbage and recycling outside to designated compounds
  • Remove all stickers, posters and pictures
  • Empty drawers and closets
  • Return furniture to its original position
  • Remove any furniture we did not provide
  • Vacuum the carpet
  • Clean the desktop and other surfaces
  • Close and lock the window
  • Turn down the heat
  • Lock the door when you leave 

If you live in cluster

  • Remove personal items from your storage room
  • Wash bathroom, kitchen and entrance floors
  • Clean fridge, stove, and dishwasher
  • Clean shower, toilets, sinks
  • Clean countertops and other surfaces
  • Wash bathroom and kitchen cupboards – inside and out
  • Return cleaning supplies to hall closet
  • Close and lock windows and doors


We expect your room and furniture to sustain some wear and tear. Items that are missing, defaced, or damaged beyond normal wear are unacceptable.

If we need to perform work to return your room and furniture to the original condition, charges will be applied. Examples may include painting or replacing furniture.

Damage deposit

When you accepted your room offer, you paid a $250 damage deposit. After you move out this deposit will be credited back to your account and the resulting credit will be refunded to you (on the credit card used or as a cheque sent to your mailing address). If there are no additional charges your refund will be $250.

  • If there is additional credit in your account (for example, if you moved to a cheaper accommodation) this will also be refunded.
  • If there are extra charges or an unpaid balance in your account your refund will be less than the deposit.
  • If the outstanding balance exceeds the damage deposit, the balance needs to be paid at once.

Refund cheques take 6-8 weeks to process after you move out (sometimes longer). If you have an international mailing address you may need to provide banking information for a wire transfer refund.