Summer students

Summer residence is available to current UVic students (undergraduate and graduate) who are registered in classes from May to August or have a co-op work term with a local employer. There is a 30-night minimum stay (charge) for summer student housing.

Academic eligibility

To be eligible for housing in the summer term, you must be enrolled as a student while you live in residence; which means you are either:

  • enrolled in at least 1.5 units for the duration of your stay, or
  • registered for a co-op work term in the Greater Victoria area for the duration of your stay

The application for Summer Session 2024 is available the first Monday in February.

Undergraduate students are eligible to apply for cluster housing, pod-style housing, and dormitory housing (single rooms). 

Graduate students are eligible to apply for cluster housing (4-bedroom or 2-bedroom), apartments (bachelor or one-bedroom), and pod-style housing.

How and when to apply

Visit the Housing Portal to submit your application. You'll need your NetLink ID and an email address that you will use for at least the next 12 months.

  • Apply for summer residence at any time during the application period (February 5 - July 8, 2024)
  • Your application must be submitted ten (10) days prior to your requested arrival date

After I apply

Summer room assignments will begin in March and will continue as applications are received.

  • If you receive a room offer for the summer term, you will have an individual payment deadline indicated in the room offer. To accept the room offer, you are required to pay $500 acceptance fee and $250 security deposit in the Housing Portal, and agree to the Summer Residence Contract terms.
  • If you receive a room offer and do not accept within the given timeline, the offer will be cancelled.
  • Students who receive a room offer will receive one offer only

Full payment of the balance of your residence fees is due seven (7) days before your arrival, using one of our approved payment methods.

Summer fees

Security deposit

All residents are required to pay a refundable $250 security deposit that is held by Residence Services for the duration of your stay.

  • The security deposit must be paid in order to accept your room offer.
  • If maintenance/cleaning services are required for your room after you move out, the costs will be deducted from your security deposit and the balance will be refunded to you. If the costs exceed $250, additional charges will be billed to your account.

Acceptance fee

In order to accept your room offer, you will be required to pay a $500 acceptance fee. The acceptance fee counts as the first payment toward your summer residence fees. The remaining balance of your fees must be paid seven (7) days prior to your check-in date.

Residence fees - Summer 2024


Accommodation type First 30 nights Each additional night
Cluster room: 4 bedroom unit $1216.20 $40.54
Pod-style housing: Single room $1230.00 $41.00

Dormitory: Single room*

(*includes meal plan)

$1839.30 $61.31

Bachelor apartment

(Graduate students)

$1221.60 $40.72

One-bedroom apartment

(Graduate Students) 

$1525.20 $50.84

Cluster room: 2 bedroom unit

(Graduate Students)

$1581.90 $52.73

Summer payment methods

The security deposit and acceptance fee must be paid through the application Portal by debit or credit card. The balance of your fees may be paid by any of the following options:

In person

Pay by cash, debit or cheque during office hours at the front desk of the Residence Services office.

Online or telephone banking

  • Set up "University of Victoria - Housing Fees" or "University of Victoria - Residence Fees" as a bill payment company in your online or telephone banking.
  • Your account number is your UVic Student ID number (V#).
  • Be sure to select Residence Services as the recipient. If your payment is sent to Tuition, it will not be applied to your residence account.

Please note that online payments may take 2-3 business days to process.

At the bank

  • Visit your local bank branch and request to pay a bill for either "University of Victoria - Housing Fees" or "University of Victoria - Residence Fees."
  • Your account number is your UVic Student ID number (V#).
  • Be sure to select Residence Services as the recipient. If your payment is sent to Tuition, it will not be applied to your residence account.

Convera GlobalPay for Students (international payments only)

The Convera GlobalPay for Students service allows you to arrange payments in your own currency. Since exchange rates are secured in advance and funds are transferred locally, you don't have to worry about currency fluctuations or international wire fees.

To make a payment using Convera GlobalPay for Students:

  1. Access the Convera GlobalPay for Students system using your UVic student number and preferred contact email address:
  2. For '2-Residence Fees' enter the amount owing for your residence fees.
  3. Select your local currency. The amount owing in your local currency will be automatically calculated. 
  4. Select who is making the payment from the 'Who is Paying' drop-down list and complete the required payment details fields. If the payer is different from the student, you can enter payer details here.
  5. Confirm your quote by agreeing to the total cost in your home currency and agree to the conditions.
  6. Payment instructions will be sent to the email address provided. Print the payment instructions, take them to your bank and follow the instructions to transfer the required amount to Convera. Note: the payment must be completed within 72 hours. If the 72 hour period has elapsed and you have not made the payment at your bank, go back to the Convera GlobalPay for Students site to obtain a new quote. The expiry date is noted on the payment instructions page.

Once funds have been transferred to Convera, they will be credited to your UVic account in Canadian dollars. No fees will be charged by UVic or Convera when using this service, though your bank may charge a fee to make the local currency transfer. However, DO NOT SEND more than the amount you owe.

Bank wire transfer (international payments only)

If you're an international student living outside of Canada, you can request a wire transfer at your bank.

Send the wire transfer to:

  • Royal Bank of Canada
    1079 Douglas Street
    Victoria, BC V8W 2C5
  • Beneficiary Name: University of Victoria
  • Transit: #08000
  • Institution: 003
  • Account: #000-009-1
  • SWIFT code: ROYCCAT2
  • IBAN: UVic does not have an IBAN

Ensure that the following information is included with the wire transfer:

  • Your full name
  • Your UVic Student ID number (V#)
  • That the payment is for residence fees (not tuition fees)

Summer Meal Plan and On-campus Dining Options

Students in dormitory housing are automatically placed on the mandatory residence meal plan provided by University Food Services. 

For information on food services, including summer hours of operation and other important details, please visit

For information on the ONECard, including options for adding funds, terms of use, please visit


  • If you wish to cancel your summer housing application, and you haven't received a room offer, you may do so through the Housing Portal. On the application Status page, look for the "Cancel Application" option. Please note that the $50 application fee is non-refundable
  • If you have accepted a housing offer and wish to cancel your room assignment, you must send a written cancellation notice to Residence Admissions:
  • Applications are non-transferable. Your application fee is non-refundable and may not be used towards a future application. 

Refunds are processed as follows:

  • If your cancellation notice is received 7 days or more before your move-in date, a full refund is applicable
  • If your cancellation notice is received fewer than 7 days before your move-in date, your $500 acceptance fee is not refundable
  • If your cancellation notice is received on or after your move-in date:
    • 7 nights stay will be charged after your notice of cancellation is received
    • We are required to charge you for at least 30 nights, even if you depart before then
  • If you do not arrive on your move-in date, your booking will be cancelled and the above charges will be applied

Refer to the Summer Residence Contract for more information about cancellations.