Off-campus housing

Google map of Victoria showing rental listings from
Find or list your off-campus rental property through


UVic partners with to provide off-campus listings for renters and landlords.

For assistance using, contact their Customer Support Team.

Other off-campus and roommate resources

In addition to, Craigslist and Used Victoria are good resources for finding rentals and rooms. Property management companies like Brown Bros, Devon Properties and Proline Management also list rentals. Try a Google search of "property management Victoria."

To help you find roommates, suites and shares, students have created two non-official Facebook groups: and .

If you need temporary accommodations, try Airbrb or VRBO. Victoria also has many hotels and hostels

View more resources and helpful information.

Before committing to an apartment/suite/room and making any payments, we recommend that you:

  • review the BC Tenancy Act
  • meet the prospective landlord in person or virtually
  • view the accommodation in person or get a friend or family member to view
  • become familiar with potential rental scams

To help you find accommodations, check out a video of our Finding housing in Greater Victoria webinar:

Important note: UVic and UVic Residence Services do not assume any responsibility for agreements made between students and landlords or for information you provide to Places4Students and other third-party websites. We do not screen, inspect, warrant or approve any landlord, student or accommodation provided through or the other resources provided, and cannot guarantee the quality or suitability of the accommodation. Please exercise caution and good judgment when speaking to potential landlords or roommates on social media and other channels.

International students

The International Student Services website has additional information about off-campus housing. They can also help with any self-isolation requirements upon arrival.

Co-signer agreement

Our team has prepared a co-signer agreement example, should you need one for a potential landlord. This may be useful for students under the age of 18 whose parents or guardians are co-signing for their rental unit.

Making friends

UVic has programs and resources to help you meet other students, including our  course unions and clubs and UVic Orientation events.

Off-Campus conduct

Living in the Victoria region is an important part of university life for the majority of UVic students. University of Victoria students are responsible for upholding the standards of the community, including adherence to city bylaws regarding issues like parking, noise, waste disposal and collection, and community safety.

Refer to Off-Campus conduct on UVic's Office of Student Life website for more information on conduct and being a good community member.