2019 archives

September: Small boat traffic - Rise in vessel traffic threatens resident orca population
html | Lauren McWhinnie

June: Concrete improvents -  Using artificial intelligence and robotics to help detect and quantify defects like cracks and holes in public infrastructure
htmlHarsh Rathod 

May: Futuristic tissue engineering -  New smart microfibres target emerging drug therapies for deadly disease
htmlMohsen Akbari 

April: Art and science of listening -  From mythology of making magic to studio science
html | Kirk McNally

March: Cultural re-centring model - Ancient ways of knowing help heal, bring dignity to Indigenous youth
html | Shezell-Rae Sam

February: Renewable energy pathways - How much land will a carbon-free electricity system require?
html | Kevin Palmer-Wilson

January: Trailblazing harm reduction - Managed Alcohol Programs serve an often-overlooked vulnerable population
html | Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research

2018 archives

December: Artificial reefs: junk or habitat? - Are artificial reefs the most effective way to conserve troubled marine fish populations?
html | Desiree Bulger

November: Urban data critical - UVic is helping to develop richer databases for more accurate climate modelling
pdf | html | Johan Feddema

October: Indigenous language revitalization - Supporting Indigenous language revitalization efforts across Canada
pdf | html | Onowa McIvor

September: Turn down the dose - Lower-energy radiation could increase access to common cancer treatment
pdf | html | Magdalena Bazalova-Carter

June: Salmon at stake - A project investigates what young salmon need to grow and thrive as they enter the ocean
pdf | html | Francis Juanes

May: Unwanted legacy - A UVic engineer is developing an easy way to detect mining's toxic leftovers
pdf | html | Heather Buckley

April: Greener ships, cleaner ocean - What engineering solutions will it take to make ships more environmentally friendly?
pdf | html | Zuomin Dong

March: When art meets science - A student-created interactive orca sculpture fuses art, ocean data and climate change concerns
pdf | html | Colton Hash

February: Coastal connections - UVic's national ocean observatory facility takes its innovative science to BC communities
pdf | html | Ocean Networks Canada

January: Feeling like home - It's time for more "heart-centred" approaches to residential care for older adults
pdf | html | Denise Cloutier

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2017 archives

December: Sacred spaces - Mapping tools help Coast Salish communities and Parks Canada protect ancestral sites
pdf | html | Brian Thom

November: Tiny things, big impact - Phytoplankton are helping us better understand past, present and future global ocean change
pdf | html | Diana Varela

October: The climate change realityWe need to prepare for the climate change we can’t avoid. Now.
pdf | html | Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions

September: Healthy ocean = Healthy communities Engaging BC's coastal communities in marine conservation is the path to a sustainable future
pdf | html | Nathalie Ban

June: The unseen injuryPublic awareness is essential to protect young athletes from the dangers of concussion
pdf | html | Brian Christie

May: Collateral damageMeasures to counter human trafficking often harm the very people they're supposed to help
pdf | html | Annalee Lepp

April: Drawing law from the landBlending Indigenous legal traditions with common law benefits all Canadians
pdf | html | John Borrows

March: On shaky ground - UVic-led research reveals a new earthquake risk lurking beneath the Victoria region
pdf | html | Kristin Morell

February: Guardians of the coast - Researchers and Indigenous communities work to protect BC’s iconic coastal wildlife
pdf | html | Chris Darimont

January: Phoenix at 50 - UVic's acclaimed theatre department celebrates 50 years of innovation, on stage and off
pdf | html | Allana Lindgren, Mary Kerr

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2016 archives

December: Looking out for our heroes - UVic research helps first responders cope with the unique physical demands of their jobs
pdf | html | Lynneth Stuart-Hill

November: Cyber safe - UVic cyber-security researchers aim to stay one step ahead of computer hackers
pdf | html | Issa Traoré

October: Snowpack science - The interplay of temperature and snow in the mountains has a huge impact on our lives
pdf | html | Terry Prowse

September: Golden opportunities - We use gold for jewelry, tooth fillings and Olympic medals—and soon for Zika detection
pdf | html | Alex Brolo

June: Extreme thinking - Science is closer to linking some weather-related disasters to human-caused climate change
pdf | html | Francis Zwiers

May: Why we need the ocean - UVic research probes the critical link between the ocean and climate change
pdf | html | Roberta Hamme

April: Weather watchers - Who knows more about northern weather than the people most affected by it?
pdf | html | David Atkinson

March: Too much information - How do we make sense of the vast amounts of data on how our brains work?
pdf | html | Farouk Nathoo

February: Out of the darkness - Why do some people succeed in addictions treatment, while others fail?
pdf | html | Karen Urbanoski

January: From headline to centre stage - A renowned UVic playwright probes the issues and emotions behind real-life headlines
pdf | html | Joan MacLeod

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2015 archives

December: Once they were hats - A new book examines our relationship with Canada’s buck-toothed national symbol
pdf | html | Frances Backhouse

November: Mobilizing a cellular army - Research that uses our own immune systems to battle cancer is heading for clinical trials
pdf | html | Brad Nelson

October: Reaching for the stars - UVic know-how is helping world astronomers peer more closely into the cosmos
pdf | html | Kim Venn, Masen Lamb

September: Grow old along with me... - Detecting the earliest signs of dementia is the first step in finding ways to slow it down
pdf | html | Scott Hofer

June: The orca revolution - A UVic historian tracks the impact of this iconic species on our regional identity
pdf | html | Jason Colby

May: The power of proteins - Keeping you healthy is a top goal of world-leading protein research at UVic
pdf | html | Christoph Borchers

April: The silent epidemic - Research suggests different approaches are needed for suicide prevention in the schools
pdf | html | Jennifer White

March: Beneath the waves - A UVic-led study uses advanced 3D mapping to assess the impact of shipping noise
pdf | html | Rosaline Canessa

February: Cancer detectives - UVic research discovers a promising new way to detect lung cancer
pdf | html | Reuven Gordon, Fraser Hof

January: Shopping for answers - Canadian retailers are not as affected by cross-border shopping as you might think
pdf | html | Jen Baggs

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2014 archives

December: Calling all couch potatoes - You can help a UVic researcher find out what it takes to become a habitual exerciser
pdf | html | Navin Kaushal

November: When it's time for "the talk" - Need help talking about sex with your kids? There's an app for that.
pdf | html | Jillian Roberts

October: Turning on the high beam - A new UVic-led particle physics facility will attract scientists from around the world
pdf | html | Dean Karlen

September: Staying behind the wheel - Enhanced safety and quality of life are goals of a Canada-wide study on older drivers
pdf | html | Holly Tuokko

June: Sounds like art - An unusual orchestral performance fuses science, environmentalism and art
pdf | html | Paul Walde

May: Face value - UVic researchers give children with autism a fun way to hone their social skills
pdf | html | Jim Tanaka

April: Metal matters - Tiny metal particles in the ocean are helping us answer some big environmental questions
pdf | html | Jay Cullen

March: Help from kelp - Can a seaweed common to the BC coast help us reduce carbon emissions?
pdf | html | Aaron Philippsen

February: A burning question - A UVic graduate student smokes out the facts on the health risks of e-cigarettes
pdf | html | Renee O'Leary

January: Reel life learning - UVic film production class takes experiential learning to a whole new level
pdf | html | Maureen Bradley

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2013 archives

December: Do good, feel good — UVic students learn first-hand how helping others changes lives, including their own
pdf | html | Dr. Lara Lauzon

November: The bear facts... and more — Grizzly bear conservation is just one of many ways to apply the growing field of geomatics
pdf | html | Dr. Trisalyn Nelson

October: Tinkering with scholarship — UVic's Maker Lab in the Humanities
pdf | html | Maker Lab team

September: The biggest button blanket in the world
pdf | html | Dr. Carolyn Butler Palmer

June: Getting back in the game — With CanAssist's Accessible Gaming Controller
pdf | html | CanAssist

May: Growing new neurons to heal injured brains
pdf | html | Dr. Leigh Anne Swayne

April: Nature kindergarten — Researchers put popular nature kindergarten program to the test
pdf | html | Dr. Beverly Smith

March: Understanding Canada's thawing north
pdf | html | Dr. Michael Whiticar

February: Safe and sound — Helping foster parents care for babies born with prenatal drug and alcohol exposure
pdf | html | Dr. Lenora Marcellus

January: Nature's little blue gems — A UVic research team gets down to the genetic nitty gritty on why blueberries are good for us
pdf | html | Dr. Peter Constabel

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2012 archives

December: Aquaculture 2.0 — A UVic geographer pioneers a "new" kind of aquaculture that mimics BC's coastal ecosystem
pdf | html | Dr. Steven Cross

November: Nanomedicine — Catch the whisper, head off the roar
pdf | html | Dr. Rustom Bhiladvala

October: Gardening in the city — A new urban agriculture magazine sprouts out of a UVic writing class
pdf | html | David Leach

September: Any way you slice it — A UVic team pioneers the next step in the ever-evolving information age
pdf | html | Yvonne Coady

June: Security games — Mega-events like the Olympics leave behind much more than fond memories
pdf | html | Colin Bennett

May: Shake, rattle and roll — A UVic geographer assesses earthquake hazard for Vancouver Island communities
pdf | html | Mark Seemann

April: Cells of hope — Stem cells hold tremendous promise for treating disease. But first we need to understand how they work
pdf | html | Dr. Stephanie Willerth

March: No clean path to clean tech — A UVic business prof charts the bumpy road to market acceptance of clean technologies
pdf | html | Charlene Zietsma

February: Wiretapping for whales — When BC's killer whales "talk," a UVic graduate student listens
pdf | html | Amalis Riera

January: On behalf of animals — It's time to shift our thinking on the legal status of animals, says a UVic law scholar
pdf | html | Maneesha Deckha

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2011 archives

December: Game on! — A new video game offers a virtual journey through the Coast Salish cultural landscape
pdf | html | Brian Thom

November: Pass the crumpets, please — A University of Victoria linguist traces Victoria's fabled British roots
pdf | html | Dr. Alexandra D'Arcy

October: Clearing the air — Applied theatre shines spotlight on tobacco addiction and mental illness
pdf | html | Lauren Jerke

September: The weather watchers — UVic climate researchers take their expertise into the community
pdf | html | Andrew Weaver

June: Molecular machinations — UVic research takes aim at an aggressive form of prostate cancer
pdf | html | Fraser Hof

May: Rocking our world — A UVic researcher's theory about BC's geological origins may surprise you
pdf | html | Dr. Stephen Johnston

April: All for one, one for all — When community members create business opportunities together, everyone can benefit
pdf | html | Dr. Ana Maria Peredo

March: Easing the final journey — Strengthening support for end-of-life caregivers benefits the entire health care system
pdf | html | Dr. Kelli Stajduhar

February: Catching the wave — A UVic-led project assesses the energy potential of our restless west coast waves
pdf | html | Dr. Brad Buckham

January: Eye on the skyUVic expertise helps build the world's largest telescope
pdf | html | Dr. Luc Simard

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2010 archives

December: Life's a ballThere's more going on at Victoria's Ogden Point breakwater than meets the eye
pdf | html | Valerie Mucciarelli

November: "It changed my life forever"...As it turns out, intensely happy and uplifting childhood memories can do just that
pdf | html | Dr. Daniel Scott

October: 21st-century explorersA UVic research team helps pioneer the next generation of scientific ocean expeditions
html | Dr. Verena Tunnicliffe

September: Opening doors to IslamA UVic historian takes Western scholarship to the heart of the Islamic world
pdf | html | Dr. Andrew Rippin

July/August: Cougar TrackerA UVic project aims to reduce human-cougar conflict on Vancouver Island's west coast
pdf | html | Dani Thompson

June: A bitter pill to swallowTaking too many medications may be putting your health at risk
pdf | html | Dr. Peter Stephenson

May: Using our WITSVictoria's innovative anti-bullying program is about to go national
pdf | html | Bonnie Leadbeater

April: Predicting the unpredictableMathematics can help us make sense of the complex and sometimes destructive forces of nature
html | Dr. Florin Diacu

March: Better off aliveThe only hope for many endangered species is to show they're more valuable alive
pdf | html | Dr. Phil Dearden

February: The green challengeUVic ingenuity drives award-winning entry in North American green car competition
pdf | html | ecoCAR team

January: Health care at your fingertipsA new web-based tool empowers diabetes patients—and saves health care money.
pdf | html | Dr. Angela Downey

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2009 archives

December: Slay those dragonsWe all have psychological dragons that test our resolve to adopt greener lifestyles.
pdf | html | Dr. Robert Gifford

November: Street smartsUVic research helps drive community-based solutions to homelessness in Greater Victoria.
pdf | html | Dr. Bernie Pauly

October: Going with the flowMimicking Mother Nature may help us ward off floods caused by climate change.
pdf | html | Chris Jensen

October: On the trail of breast cancerProtein research at UVic offers new hope for early detection.
pdf | html | Dr. Terry Pearson

July: Toxic shockWith every salmon they eat, BC’s fish-eating orcas are getting much more than a hard-won meal.
pdf | html | Donna Cullon

June: Another worldA UVic marine biologist explores the strange world of undersea volcanoes.
pdf | html | Verena Tunnicliffe

May: Yes we can...connect!New invention helps people with disabilities bridge the distance gap.
pdf | html | CanAssist team

April: On tap today...UVic researchers flush out unsettling truths about water quality in some BC communities
pdf | html | Dr. Azit Mazumder

March: A sporting chance — Competitive sports promote healthy living among Canada’s most vulnerable youth.
pdf | html | Dr. Jeff Reading

February: Of lice and men New research is uncovering the genetic secrets of BC's most notorious marine parasite.
pdf | html | Ben Koop

January: Oceans of data — At the heart of UVic's two ocean observatories is one of the world’s most advanced data management systems.
pdf | html | VENUS and NEPTUNE Canada

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2008 archives

December: Shelter on wheels A UVic-community partnership leads to "shelter in a cart" for homeless "binners"
pdf | html | Jutta Gutberlet

November: Exercise for your mind — A clear link between exercise and brain health holds promise for the treatment of neurological disorders
pdf | html | Dr. Brian Christie

September: All in the family — Starting a family and staying fit shouldn’t be mutually exclusive
pdf | html | Ryan Rhodes

October: Scholar of the undeadUVic is home to one of Canada’s few scholars of the vampire myth in literature and film
pdf | html | Dr. Peter Golz

July: Going with the wind — Using wind as a viable source of energy is more than just a lot of hot air
pdf | html | Curran Crawford

June: Sea of concern — Does local seafood pose a health risk for Vancouver Island’s First Nations people?
pdf | html
 | Tom Child

May: Battling a silent menace — A UVic researcher leads the way in unravelling the molecular mysteries of syphilis
pdf | html | Dr. Caroline Cameron

April: Star struck — Studying the chemistry of distant stars offers tantalizing clues to our origins
pdf | html | Kim Venn

March: Cities for seniorsUVic research helps Saanich lead the way to an age-friendly future
pdf | html | Elaine Gallagher

February: From waves to wattage — UVic engineers explore a renewable energy source that's right on our doorstep
pdf | html | Afzal Suleman

January: Battle of the superbug — A UVic biochemist is hot on the trail of a new weapon in our war against a killer microbe
pdf | html | Alisdair Boraston

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2007 archives

Sweating it outResearch partnership helps Canada’s elite athletes reach for gold.

On top of the worldThe Victoria region is a hot spot for world-leading, Nobel-winning climate research.

Digital diagnosisUVic research helps the health care sector cut down on paperwork.
pdf Dr. Andre Kushniruk

Buoyed by technologyA UVic geographer floats two portable ocean observatories off Vancouver Island’s west coast.
pdf Dr. Olaf Niemann

Reading the futureThe digital age is about to take book-reading to a whole new dimension.
pdf Dr. Ray Siemens

Softening the blowUVic study will help new doctors learn how to deliver bad news clearly and tactfully.
pdf Agustin Del Vento

Weathering a sea of changeThe effects of climate change are all too real for residents of the Queen Charlotte Islands.
pdf Ian Walker

Fuel for the futureTired of your cell phone batteries dying? Pass the hydrogen, please.
pdf Angstrom Power

Back reliefUVic engineers are developing a new device to diagnose lower back pain.
pdf Peter Wild and Chris Dennison

Coasts under stressMany of our coastal communities are in crisis. What can we do to fix them?
pdf Dr. Rosemary Ommer

How can our hospitals be more elder-friendly?We need to recognize the special health care needs of older patients.
pdf Belinda Parke

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2006 archives

Message in a bottleResearchers look to alcohol sales for clues to substance abuse in British Columbia.
pdf Tim Stockwell

Orca talkA UVic computer scientist helps researchers access 36 years worth of whale conversation.
pdf George Tzanetakis

The waiting gameShorter wait times for elective surgeries benefit everyone—patients and the medical system.
pdf Dr. Joseph Schaafsma

Back to the futureUVic scientists use advanced computer models to simulate past climates—and help shape future climate change policies.
pdf Andrew Weaver

In the public interestResearch at Canada’s only hands-on environmental law clinic helps give all of us our day in court.
pdf Chris Tollefson

Living with dementiaAn ongoing study seeks ways to improve dementia care in British Columbia.
pdf Dr. Neena Chappell

Lore of the ringsUVic researchers use the growth rings of ancient trees to track B.C.’s climate over thousands of years.
pdf Dan Smith

Uncovering Victoria’s secretsUVic student researchers help bring Victoria’s history to life on the Internet.
pdf John Lutz

Voices on the streetA UVic study leads to a better understanding of why some young people end up on the street.
pdf Dr. Cecilia Benoit and Dr. Mikael Jansson

One step aheadA UVic microbiologist and his team play a key role in the global battle against deadly viruses.
pdf Dr. Chris Upton

Water detectiveA UVic graduate student tracks the source of bacterial contamination in watersheds.
pdf Cindy Meays

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2005 archives

Dying for a ride homeTeens know the tragic realities of drinking and driving. So why do they still do it?
pdf Dr. Bonnie Leadbeater

Explorers of the deepInnovative marine technology developed by UVic engineers will help us all become ocean explorers
pdf Colin Bradley

Is the universe unfolding as it should?Yes, it is— in the sky and on a computer screen near you
pdf Dr. Julio Navarro

Is aboriginal knowledge science?Yes it is, say two UVic researchers who are helping to reshape the science curriculum in B.C. schools
pdf Lorna Williams and Gloria Snively

DNA detectivesA genetic structure you've probably never heard of is the key to new disease treatments
pdf Dr. Juan Ausió

Improving your access to health careUVic research leads to the creation of B.C.'s first nurse practitioners
pdf Marjorie MacDonald and Rita Schreiber

Climate controlWhen it comes to regulating Earth’s climate, big things really do come in small packages
pdf Dr. Diana Varela

Taking aim at cancerImproving the accuracy of radiation therapy is the goal of a UVic physicist
pdf Dr. Andrew Jirasek

Global warningA UVic research team tracks the effects of climate change in Canada's warming Arctic
pdf Terry Prowse

Keeping you in the driver's seatOngoing studies investigate safety and fitness issues for seniors who drive
pdf Holly Tuokko

Helping handsUVic researchers help tsunami victims turn to nature to rebuild their shattered lives
pdf Dr. Philip Dearden

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2004 archives

Quiet, please!A little UVic ingenuity goes a long way for hearing-impaired schoolchildren
pdf University of Victoria Assistive Technology Team (UVATT)

Poplar MechanicsThe poplar tree is helping a UVic biologist understand how trees defend themselves against attack
pdf Dr. Peter Constabel

Fire and IceUVic researchers explore a potential energy source on—and under—B.C.'s seafloor
pdf Ross Chapman

Fuel for thoughtA UVic research team lays the groundwork for a new generation of fuel cells
pdf Ned Djilali and Peter Oshkai

A passion for plantsUVic researcher helps B.C.'s indigenous peoples preserve their rich botanical heritage
pdf Dr. Nancy Turner

Photoswitches — the basis for molecular computing?
pdf Dr. Reg Mitchell

Computing, complexity and the human factor
pdf Dr. Margaret-Anne Storey

Star search — A UVic astronomer's laboratory is on the other side of the universe
pdf Dr. Sara Ellison

Sugar-coated fungi Dutch elm fungus holds promise of new protein therapies
pdf Dr. Will Hintz

Treading new paths for neurotrauma rehab
pdf Dr. Paul Zehr

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2003 archives

Gems of language
pdf Dr. Leslie Saxon

An unblinking eye on the ocean
pdf Dr. Chris Barnes

Facing-off against autism
pdf Dr. Jim Tanaka

Exhibiting histories
pdf Dr. Misao Dean

Protein power
pdf Dr. Bob Olafson

Online child development education for Africa
pdf Dr. Alan Pence

Building better legal systems in Cambodia and Vietnam
pdf Prof. Bill Neilson

The art & science of keeping the music alive
pdf Dr. Andy Schloss and Dr. Peter Driessen

"Draw, Pardner" Art in the Wild West
pdf Dr. Brian Dippie

Getting the strait goods A research team is using creative ways to measure what’s going on in the Strait of Georgia  
pdf Dr. John Dower

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2002 archives

10,000 years ago in Haida Gwaii  
pdf Dr. Quentin Mackie

A particular pursuit - Helping create a huge particle accelerator   
pdf Dr. Michel Lefebvre

The rescue of scholars from Nazi Germany  
pdf Dr. David Zimmerman

The truth really is out there …
pdf Dr. Chris Pritchet

Archaeology meets agriculture in the desert
pdf Dr. John Oleson

Not magic, MAGEX
pdf Dr. Caren Helbing

Improving the detection of breast cancer
pdf Drs. Elise Fear & Maria Stuchly

Spying on the health of BC’s forests
pdf Olaf Niemann

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2001 archives

Memory lapse: Should you worry?
pdf Drs. David Hultsch & Esther Strauss

Genome detective
pdf Dr. Ben Koop

Helping corporations go green
pdf Dr. Monika Winn

Seeing inside supramolecular systems
pdf Dr. Cornelia Bohne

Nutrition secrets of the evergreen forest
pdf Dr. Barbara Hawkins

Building democracy in Eastern Europe's classrooms
pdf  Dr. Alison Preece

Trust me on this
pdf Dr. A.R. Elangovan

Solving problems the alternative way
pdf  Andrew Pirie

Getting to know the new Europe
pdf Dr. Amy Verdun

Internet Shakespeare Editions
pdf Dr. Michael Best

Championing Children's Rights
pdf Dr. Philip Cook & Natasha Blanchet-Cohen

Mapping the development of Oak Bay
pdf Dr. Larry McCann

Getting to know you
pdf  Dr. Lily Dyson

Exercise for life
pdf Dr. Sandra Gibbons

Helping preserve the 'soul' of a culture
pdf Dr. Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins

Hands-on learning yields budding scientists
pdf Dr. Wolf-Michael Roth

Tracking the elusive 'traditional family'
pdf Dr. Eric Sager

Back on the (grand)mommy track
pdf Pat MacKenzie & Barb Wittington

Justice that heals
pdf Dr. Michael Hadley

The biology of clean water
pdf Dr. Asit Mazumder

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2000 archives

Radical research with magnetic molecules
pdf Dr. Robin Hicks

Listening to the ocean floor
pdf Drs. Ross Chapman & Stan Dosso

Slaying the sleeping dragon
pdf Dr. Terry Pearson

UVic chemist goes for gold
pdf Dr. Tom Fyles

Next stop Nunavut for UVic Law
pdf Prof. Jamie Cassels

Teaching tech-savvy students
pdf Dr. Leslee Francis-Pelton

Story of the Coast Salish knitters
pdf Dr. Christine Welsh

Robots for inner & outer space
pdf Drs. Meyer Nahon & Inna Sharf

Big frogs in small ponds
pdf Purnima Govindarajulu

Reducing caregiver stress
pdf Dr. Lynne Young

Desktop galaxies: Computers model the cosmos
pdf Dr. Arif Babul

Professor fights 'brain drain,' advances computer design
pdf Dr. Micaela Serra

UVic penicillin research may lead to new drug treatments
pdf  Dr. Ed Ishiguro