2019 archives

September: Small boat traffic - Rise in vessel traffic threatens resident orca population
html | Lauren McWhinnie

June: Concrete improvents -  Using artificial intelligence and robotics to help detect and quantify defects like cracks and holes in public infrastructure
htmlHarsh Rathod 

May: Futuristic tissue engineering -  New smart microfibres target emerging drug therapies for deadly disease
htmlMohsen Akbari 

April: Art and science of listening -  From mythology of making magic to studio science
html | Kirk McNally

March: Cultural re-centring model - Ancient ways of knowing help heal, bring dignity to Indigenous youth
html | Shezell-Rae Sam

February: Renewable energy pathways - How much land will a carbon-free electricity system require?
html | Kevin Palmer-Wilson

January: Trailblazing harm reduction - Managed Alcohol Programs serve an often-overlooked vulnerable population
html | Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research