2006 archives

Message in a bottleResearchers look to alcohol sales for clues to substance abuse in British Columbia.
pdf Tim Stockwell

Orca talkA UVic computer scientist helps researchers access 36 years worth of whale conversation.
pdf George Tzanetakis

The waiting gameShorter wait times for elective surgeries benefit everyone—patients and the medical system.
pdf Dr. Joseph Schaafsma

Back to the futureUVic scientists use advanced computer models to simulate past climates—and help shape future climate change policies.
pdf Andrew Weaver

In the public interestResearch at Canada’s only hands-on environmental law clinic helps give all of us our day in court.
pdf Chris Tollefson

Living with dementiaAn ongoing study seeks ways to improve dementia care in British Columbia.
pdf Dr. Neena Chappell

Lore of the ringsUVic researchers use the growth rings of ancient trees to track B.C.’s climate over thousands of years.
pdf Dan Smith

Uncovering Victoria’s secretsUVic student researchers help bring Victoria’s history to life on the Internet.
pdf John Lutz

Voices on the streetA UVic study leads to a better understanding of why some young people end up on the street.
pdf Dr. Cecilia Benoit and Dr. Mikael Jansson

One step aheadA UVic microbiologist and his team play a key role in the global battle against deadly viruses.
pdf Dr. Chris Upton

Water detectiveA UVic graduate student tracks the source of bacterial contamination in watersheds.
pdf Cindy Meays