2011 archives

December: Game on! — A new video game offers a virtual journey through the Coast Salish cultural landscape
pdf | html | Brian Thom

November: Pass the crumpets, please — A University of Victoria linguist traces Victoria's fabled British roots
pdf | html | Dr. Alexandra D'Arcy

October: Clearing the air — Applied theatre shines spotlight on tobacco addiction and mental illness
pdf | html | Lauren Jerke

September: The weather watchers — UVic climate researchers take their expertise into the community
pdf | html | Andrew Weaver

June: Molecular machinations — UVic research takes aim at an aggressive form of prostate cancer
pdf | html | Fraser Hof

May: Rocking our world — A UVic researcher's theory about BC's geological origins may surprise you
pdf | html | Dr. Stephen Johnston

April: All for one, one for all — When community members create business opportunities together, everyone can benefit
pdf | html | Dr. Ana Maria Peredo

March: Easing the final journey — Strengthening support for end-of-life caregivers benefits the entire health care system
pdf | html | Dr. Kelli Stajduhar

February: Catching the wave — A UVic-led project assesses the energy potential of our restless west coast waves
pdf | html | Dr. Brad Buckham

January: Eye on the skyUVic expertise helps build the world's largest telescope
pdf | html | Dr. Luc Simard