2007 archives

Sweating it outResearch partnership helps Canada’s elite athletes reach for gold.

On top of the worldThe Victoria region is a hot spot for world-leading, Nobel-winning climate research.

Digital diagnosisUVic research helps the health care sector cut down on paperwork.
pdf Dr. Andre Kushniruk

Buoyed by technologyA UVic geographer floats two portable ocean observatories off Vancouver Island’s west coast.
pdf Dr. Olaf Niemann

Reading the futureThe digital age is about to take book-reading to a whole new dimension.
pdf Dr. Ray Siemens

Softening the blowUVic study will help new doctors learn how to deliver bad news clearly and tactfully.
pdf Agustin Del Vento

Weathering a sea of changeThe effects of climate change are all too real for residents of the Queen Charlotte Islands.
pdf Ian Walker

Fuel for the futureTired of your cell phone batteries dying? Pass the hydrogen, please.
pdf Angstrom Power

Back reliefUVic engineers are developing a new device to diagnose lower back pain.
pdf Peter Wild and Chris Dennison

Coasts under stressMany of our coastal communities are in crisis. What can we do to fix them?
pdf Dr. Rosemary Ommer

How can our hospitals be more elder-friendly?We need to recognize the special health care needs of older patients.
pdf Belinda Parke