2009 archives

December: Slay those dragonsWe all have psychological dragons that test our resolve to adopt greener lifestyles.
pdf | html | Dr. Robert Gifford

November: Street smartsUVic research helps drive community-based solutions to homelessness in Greater Victoria.
pdf | html | Dr. Bernie Pauly

October: Going with the flowMimicking Mother Nature may help us ward off floods caused by climate change.
pdf | html | Chris Jensen

October: On the trail of breast cancerProtein research at UVic offers new hope for early detection.
pdf | html | Dr. Terry Pearson

July: Toxic shockWith every salmon they eat, BC’s fish-eating orcas are getting much more than a hard-won meal.
pdf | html | Donna Cullon

June: Another worldA UVic marine biologist explores the strange world of undersea volcanoes.
pdf | html | Verena Tunnicliffe

May: Yes we can...connect!New invention helps people with disabilities bridge the distance gap.
pdf | html | CanAssist team

April: On tap today...UVic researchers flush out unsettling truths about water quality in some BC communities
pdf | html | Dr. Azit Mazumder

March: A sporting chance — Competitive sports promote healthy living among Canada’s most vulnerable youth.
pdf | html | Dr. Jeff Reading

February: Of lice and men New research is uncovering the genetic secrets of BC's most notorious marine parasite.
pdf | html | Ben Koop

January: Oceans of data — At the heart of UVic's two ocean observatories is one of the world’s most advanced data management systems.
pdf | html | VENUS and NEPTUNE Canada