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Artificial reefs: junk or habitat?

December 28, 2018

Over the last 27 years, eight ships and one airplane have been intentionally sunk off the BC coast for the enjoyment of recreational divers—and to enhance habitat for local marine life. Yet artificial reefs remain controversial. Desiree Bulger, a master’s student in UVic's School of Environmental Studies, set out to find some answers.

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Urban data critical

November 23, 2018

UVic geography professor Johan Feddema’s life-long academic interest in the interactions between human activity and the earth’s surface and climate didn’t start in a lab but in a graveyard. During a graduate course examining the degree of deterioration of different tombstones, Feddema embarked on his own study—scrutinizing the condition of marble grave markers in Philadelphia and surrounding cities.

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Salmon at stake

June 22, 2018

While many factors have contributed to the dwindling numbers of salmon—historic overfishing, warming ocean temperatures, reduced river levels, hatchery competition, freshwater habitat destruction, and disease—it's difficult to pin down the most significant causes. UVic research Francis Juanes believes that many causes of salmon mortality occur early in life.

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