2000 archives

Radical research with magnetic molecules
pdf Dr. Robin Hicks

Listening to the ocean floor
pdf Drs. Ross Chapman & Stan Dosso

Slaying the sleeping dragon
pdf Dr. Terry Pearson

UVic chemist goes for gold
pdf Dr. Tom Fyles

Next stop Nunavut for UVic Law
pdf Prof. Jamie Cassels

Teaching tech-savvy students
pdf Dr. Leslee Francis-Pelton

Story of the Coast Salish knitters
pdf Dr. Christine Welsh

Robots for inner & outer space
pdf Drs. Meyer Nahon & Inna Sharf

Big frogs in small ponds
pdf Purnima Govindarajulu

Reducing caregiver stress
pdf Dr. Lynne Young

Desktop galaxies: Computers model the cosmos
pdf Dr. Arif Babul

Professor fights 'brain drain,' advances computer design
pdf Dr. Micaela Serra

UVic penicillin research may lead to new drug treatments
pdf  Dr. Ed Ishiguro