2018 archives

December: Artificial reefs: junk or habitat? - Are artificial reefs the most effective way to conserve troubled marine fish populations?
html | Desiree Bulger

November: Urban data critical - UVic is helping to develop richer databases for more accurate climate modelling
pdf | html | Johan Feddema

October: Indigenous language revitalization - Supporting Indigenous language revitalization efforts across Canada
pdf | html | Onowa McIvor

September: Turn down the dose - Lower-energy radiation could increase access to common cancer treatment
pdf | html | Magdalena Bazalova-Carter

June: Salmon at stake - A project investigates what young salmon need to grow and thrive as they enter the ocean
pdf | html | Francis Juanes

May: Unwanted legacy - A UVic engineer is developing an easy way to detect mining's toxic leftovers
pdf | html | Heather Buckley

April: Greener ships, cleaner ocean - What engineering solutions will it take to make ships more environmentally friendly?
pdf | html | Zuomin Dong

March: When art meets science - A student-created interactive orca sculpture fuses art, ocean data and climate change concerns
pdf | html | Colton Hash

February: Coastal connections - UVic's national ocean observatory facility takes its innovative science to BC communities
pdf | html | Ocean Networks Canada

January: Feeling like home - It's time for more "heart-centred" approaches to residential care for older adults
pdf | html | Denise Cloutier