2004 archives

Quiet, please!A little UVic ingenuity goes a long way for hearing-impaired schoolchildren
pdf University of Victoria Assistive Technology Team (UVATT)

Poplar MechanicsThe poplar tree is helping a UVic biologist understand how trees defend themselves against attack
pdf Dr. Peter Constabel

Fire and IceUVic researchers explore a potential energy source on—and under—B.C.'s seafloor
pdf Ross Chapman

Fuel for thoughtA UVic research team lays the groundwork for a new generation of fuel cells
pdf Ned Djilali and Peter Oshkai

A passion for plantsUVic researcher helps B.C.'s indigenous peoples preserve their rich botanical heritage
pdf Dr. Nancy Turner

Photoswitches — the basis for molecular computing?
pdf Dr. Reg Mitchell

Computing, complexity and the human factor
pdf Dr. Margaret-Anne Storey

Star search — A UVic astronomer's laboratory is on the other side of the universe
pdf Dr. Sara Ellison

Sugar-coated fungi Dutch elm fungus holds promise of new protein therapies
pdf Dr. Will Hintz

Treading new paths for neurotrauma rehab
pdf Dr. Paul Zehr