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Sustainable Development Goal 5

Sustainable Development Goal 5: Gender equality

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Learn how UVic advanced SDG 5 during 2022:


Women starting a degree


First-generation women starting a degree


Total female graduates



Scopus/Elsevier 2018-22


Scopus/Elsevier 2018-22


Scopus/Elsevier 2018-22

Education & student experience

SDG 5 in action at Co-op and Career
Uvic's Cooperative Education and Careers program logo next to the United Nations Sustainable Development Wheel logo

Discover how Co-op students are addressing SDG 5

Womxn in Math Mentorship
Logo of the Association of Women in Math, depicting the letters "AWM" inside a Golden Ratio spiral sectioned by golden squares

Womxn in Math Mentorship

Young Women in Business
Logo of the "Young Woman in Business" project, formed by three interlocking hexagons of three colours: light blue, brown and red

Supporting women to become successful in their careers, industry and workplace

Womxn in STEM
Logo of the "UVic Women in Science" group, depicting an abstract set of individuals from forming a circle with their arms open

Fostering connections support for womxn in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields


Gender violence
UVic's Martlet avatar with the legend: Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research

Gender, violence and health: Contexts of vulnerabilities, resiliencies and care among people in the sex industry

Sex, gender and sexuality
Digital artwork of the page of the academic group 'Sex, Gender, and Sexuality', depicting circles and curve stripes from different colours (colours of the UVic brand "the Edge": red, yellow, light and dark blue)

Interdisciplinary research, teaching and service in the areas of sex, gender and sexuality

Transgender studies
Transgender and LGBTQ flags with a green grass background

Celebrating Pride with UVic Pride, the Gender Empowerment Centre & Chair in Transgender Studies

Molson Prize for gender advocacy
Photo of UVic's researcher Celilia Benoit smiling at the camera with a garden background

Sociology professor wins prestigious Molson Prize for the Social Sciences and Humanities

Community & campus operations

Science for girls
Logo of the Science Venture program,  with linear art depicting two faces of a boy and a girl along the title, with the legend: "Since 1991"

Science Venture’s All-Girl Programs inspire young women to fulfill their role as leaders in STEM

Child Care services
Photo of a smiling woman carrying a toddler with a green park in the background

Providing safe, quality child care to UVic full-time students, faculty and staff

Expanded gender options
Painting created by the Visual Art student Claire Jorgensen's , ‘Scenes Of Knowledge’.  The art represents her vision of equity for UVic, showing the interplay of landmarks, plants and animals which make UVic home

Expanding gender declaration options to all students and employees through UVic’s information systems

LGBTQ+ resources
Logo of the Centre for Youth and Society with the UVic Martlet

Resources and information for those who identify as LGBTQ+

Policy & policy making

Discrimination and Harassment policy
Image of a large sign on a campus entry way with the text and logo: "University of Victoria"

Preventing discrimination and harassment from taking place, and acting upon complaints of such behaviour promptly, fairly, judiciously

Walk to end gender violence
Photo of a person holding a purple ribbon towards the camera

Affirming our commitment to resist and bring an end to all gender-based violence on campus and in our community

Human rights policy
Aerial view of the University of Victoria Campus

Preventing discrimination and resolving complaints and problems regarding human rights, equity and fairness

Transgender inclusion
Photo of the Transgender flag waving on a blossoming cherry tree

Working to create a welcoming environment for people of all gender identities and expressions