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Sustainable Development Goal 3

Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

Learn how UVic advanced SDG 3 during 2022:


graduates in health professions


Departments and centres related to health



Scopus/Elsevier 2018-22


Scopus/Elsevier 2018-22


Scopus/Elsevier 2018-22

Education & student experience

SDG 3 in action at Co-op and Career
Uvic's Cooperative Education and Careers program logo next to the United Nations Sustainable Development Wheel logo

Discover how Co-op students are addressing SDG 3

Sexual health support
Image of young female student wearing a UVic mask and smiling at the camera, while seating in the Student Wellness Centre. The photo has the legend: "Student Wellness Centre Services"

Sexual health services and information for people of all genders, identities, orientations and abilities

Mental health support
Photo of a young female student interacting with staff at the front desk of the Student Wellness Centre at UVic.

Mental health support including counsellors, doctors, nurses and spiritual care providers

Indigenous counceling
Photo of the entrance of the First Peoples House at UVic, featuring the two poles carved by Tsawout artist Doug LaFortune

A safe and caring place that honours Indigenous knowledge, experience and healing


Indigenous health research network
Circular logo with Indigenous art with a legend around it: "British Columbia Network Environment for Indigenous Health Research", followed by its acronym at the bottom: "BC NEIHR"

Fostering capacity development and knowledge sharing among British Columbia’s Indigenous Peoples

Equity in palliative care
Logo of "ePac: Equity in palliative approaches to care", with an icon representing both a flying dove and a hearth

Improving access to quality care for people at the end of life who also suffer from homelessness, poverty, isolation, racism and stigma

Youth harm reduction strategies
Photo of UVic's health researcher Bernie Pauly holding a hand rail in an ocean font at dusk, looking back at the camera with the blurry lights of a city in the background across the sea. The logo of UVIC is positioned behind her.

Reducing harm as a key strategy to save youth lives and enable healing and recovery

CFI-JELF funded health projects
Logo of Canada Foundation for Innovation: "", followed by the english and french title: Foundation Canadienne pour l'Innovation

Addressing complex factors that contribute to disease and to wellness for people in Canada and around the world

Community & campus operations

Victoria Hand Project
Logo of the Victoria Hand Project, displaying a visual description of a prosthetic arm in the shape of the letter "V"

Providing prosthetic arms to amputees in need, training and support to local healthcare providers around the world

Voices in Motion
Image of an intergenerational choir performing, showing two senior ladies in the front row, and multiple young female singers in the background

An intergenerational choir for adults with memory loss, their caregivers, friends and students

Health Self-Management BC
Plain text with the legend: "Self -Management British Columbia"

Free health programs for adults of all ages with one or more ongoing health conditions

Cognitive Health Initiative
Logo of Island Health, depicting three mountains and water flowing

Clinical research program to integrate leading-edge research and care for patients living with cognitive health issues

Policy & policy making

Smoke-free policy
Image of a large sign on a campus entry way with the text and logo: "University of Victoria"

Smoking policy aiming to provide a safe and healthy environment to employees and students

Cannabis policy
Aerial view of the University of Victoria Campus

Promoting a a safer and more positive experience with cannabis use using evidence-based information

BC Government seed grants
Photo of a UVic lab where female students and instructor wearing lab coats and gloves are pouring samples in flasks.
Responding to government's health priorities to support key decision making and policy development