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Sustainable Development Goal 14

Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life below water

Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development

Learn how UVic advanced SDG 14 during 2022:



Scopus/Elsevier 2018-22


Scopus/Elsevier 2018-22


Scopus/Elsevier 2018-22

Education & student experience

SDG 14 in action at Co-op and Career
Uvic's Cooperative Education and Careers program logo next to the United Nations Sustainable Development Wheel logo

Discover how Co-op students are addressing SDG 14

Indigenous knowledge in land and water
Group photo of UVic's UVic assistant professor Crystal Tremblay and a group of Indigenous (Maasai) leaders from Tanzania: Samwel Nangiria Taresero, Nalaimuta Oletutayo Makeseni and Mark Leshao Talash at Carcross-Tagish First Nations Cultural Centre during a 2019 two-day visit

Indigenous knowledge bridging of land and water stewardship in Tanzania and Canada

Marine Sciences
Young female with diving gear (fins, googles and  wetsuit) on a rock and and looking down to the ocean at the Bamfield Marine Science Centre on Vancouver Island

Multiple opportunities to specialize in Marine Science

Ocean Student Society
Logo with ocean theme with the text: "OSS, Ocean Students Society"

Supporting healthier oceans and increased ocean literacy


Ocean Networks Canada
Logo with plain text: Ocean Networks Canada

Advancing ocean observing with world-class data and data products

Library of fish sounds
Photo of a coral reef with colourful fish swimming above

Documenting underwater noise thourgh a digital global inventory of fish sounds

Marine survival project
Logo of abstract indigenous art with the text: "Salish Sea Marine Survival Project,"

Addressing the most critical unknown for recovering Salish Sea salmon and sustainable fisheries

Conserving rockfish
Underwater photo of a kelp forest with rockfish swimming, at British Columbia

Enhancing rockfish recovery through citizen science, outreach and field experiments

Community & campus operations

Community fishers training
Text containing the legend: "Continuing Studies @ UVic"

Empowering community members on monitoring ocean and fisheries

Ocean observatory
Photo of the inside of the control room of Canadian Coast Guard vessel, John P. Tully, with the Ocean Networks Canada and Pelagic Research Services team to conduct around-the-clock operations to maintain and expand ONC infrastructure in the northeast Pacific Ocean

Driving climate change solutions, healthier ocean and sustainable blue economies

Ocean decade challenge
Poster with digital art depicting ocean, an octopus and a maple leaf with the text: "#OceanDecade Challenge, 2021-2030, Ocean Networks Canada"

Encouraging youth to participate in the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development

Indigenous water law
Logo of the Faculty of Law with UVic's martlet

Mapping Indigenous water laws and Indigenous water stewardship in watersheds

Policy & policy making

Monitoring fish stocks
Logo of the project c-proof with a shadow of a submarine

Improving timely predictions of fish stocks to adress economic and ecological concerns

Member of Ocean Wise
Logo of "Ocean Wise" over a photo of a UVic dining outlet serving food to smiling students. The young female student receiving a plate from the server wears a University of Victoria sweatshirt.

Partnering with Ocean Wise to reduce overfishing, ocean pollution and climate change

Fish and wildlife policy
Logo of UVic's Environmental Law Centre, with a green maple leaf

Requesting an audit and examination of BC Hydro’s funding of the fish and wildlife programs

River pollution
Aerial view of the Athabasca River in Alberta, Canada

Indigenous co-governance in protecting the Athabasca river from tar sands effluent