Supplier Assessment Tool

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Project name:

Supplier Sustainability Assessment Tool 

Project cost:


Money awarded:


Project leaders:

Xavier Serrano (staff)

Temi Komolafe (staff)


Completed November, 2021


Campus Sustainability Fund Final Report

Project summary

This collaborative pilot project between UVic Purchasing Services and the Office of Campus Planning and Sustainability involved acquiring and evauating EcoVadis as a supplier sustainability assessment tool in a 1-year pilot. 

The project helped address Purchasing Services' need for the evaluation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability of RFP proposals in the supplier selection process, as well as the need for ongoing CSR performance monitoring of existing suppliers. 

Summary of success

The key goals of the pilot were achieved:

  • Purchasing Services has started to engage existing suppliers to obtain sustainability assessment and gain visibility on their performance.
  • 35 UVic suppliers have been rated, and 11 assessments were in progress at the time of their final report submission.
  • 74% of rated UVic suppliers are above average performers, with 15 in the median percentile or above, and 11 among top performers.
  • UVic stakeholders, including faculty and staff, as well as suppliers and service providers, are becoming more aware of social and environmental impact factors in procurement decision-making.
  • The pilot demonstrated the potential benefits of the EcoVadis Supplier Sustainability Assessment Tool.

The EcoVadis initiative has been funded by VPFO for 2022. Purchasing Services is working towards establishing a continuing program that will support sustainable procurement at UVic.