Composting toilet at the Campus Community Garden

A Golden Eagle (an apex predator) circles the skies.

Project name:      

Composting toilet for the UVic Campus Community Garden

Project cost:      


Money Requested: 


Project Leaders:

 Claire Remington (Grad Student)

 Dr. Caetano Dorea (Faulty)

Status:                 In progress

Project summary

This project involves the installation of an ecological sanitation system. The project would:

  • Minimize water use and practice “water-wise practices” as stipulated in the CCG’s use agreement
  • Create a collaborative research potential with the UVic Civil Engineering department and to increase the awareness of the global sustainability issue of sustainable sanitation.
  • Serve as a testbed for an innovative water use reduction practice that can be replicated elsewhere.

Summary of successes

Information coming soon!