Bike Locks at UVic Libraries

bike lock poster
This project made it possible to borrow a bike lock from the McPherson Library.

Project name:      

Bicycle Locks at The University of Victoria Libraries

Project cost:      


Money Requested: 


Project Leaders:

Dr. J. Matthew Huculak (Staff)
Status:                 Completed April 2018

Project summary

For years, the Library was an unofficial place where any UVic library member can come and ask to borrow a ULOCK bicycle lock. This project sought to create a system to make borrowing bike locks an official process.

Summary of Successes

  • Purchased eight new Kryptonite Evolution Series ULOCKs which were barcoded to enable them to be checked out like any other item in the library
  • Ran an extensive outreach campaign to raise awareness of the initiative
  • Successfully developed a system by which any UVic cyclist can easily have access to a secure lock