Good food coordinator

Good Food
Preparing the good food workshop
Project name: 

Good Food Coordinator

Project cost:      


Money Provided: 


Project Leaders:

Jessica Schellenberg (Student)

Nicole Fetterly (Staff)

Status:                 December 2018
Document: Good Food Policy Memo

Project summary

This project furthers work done on the Good Food Challenge, which offers campuses a comprehensive definition for healthy, ethical, and environmentally produced food. The project would pay for a summer internship with food services, the goal of which would be to identify opportunities for local and sustainable purchasing and work toward achieving goal 1 in the Dining Services section of the Sustainability Action Plan.

Summary of successes

  • created outreach on campus to bridge the gap between food services, sustainability office, and students.
  • created cooking classes/nutrition programming.
  • authored a report summarizing the project, providing a basis for the continuation of the project.