Ecology Speaker Series

The Ecology@UVic facebook page: one of the group's online meeting places.


Project name: 

UVic Ecology Speaker Series

Project cost:      


Money Requested: 


Project Leaders:

 Sara Wickham (Graduate Student)

Katie Davidson (Graduate Student)

Status:                 Completed April 2017

Project summary

Students who are interested in this area of study must bounce between ecology-related classes offered by the Geography, Environmental Studies, Earth and Ocean Sciences, and Biology departments. This creates a distinct lack of community and denies students opportunities for an ecological based education. Several graduate level students have formed an “ecology club” in an effort to mitigate these problems. However, the club does not belong to any specific department and thus has difficulties securing funding to initiate events and to engage a broader audience.

The ecology club proposed creating an ecology related speaker series to strengthen the ecology community on campus. It will also enable the club to extend opportunities to interested parties off campus and create learning opportunities on Campus.

Summary of successes

  • "Imposter Syndrome in Academia" lecture hosted on March 28th, 2017
  • Website and Facebook page launched early in 2017