Women and Trans Bike Repair

The promotional poster for the bike workshops.

The workshop in motion in the SPOKES bike cage.

Workshop participants learned many skills including how to lubricate bike components.


Project name: 
Women and Trans Bike Repair Workshop Series

Project cost:      


Money Requested: 

up to $650

Project Leaders:

Courtenay Nielsen (Undergraduate Student)

Kim Smith (Graduate Student)

Status:                 Completed October 2016

Project summary

The know-how required to maintain and repair one’s own bicycle remains largely inaccessible to certain members of UVic’s cycling community, like women and trans folks. Without the know-how or confidence to perform simple roadside repairs, to maintain a bicycle throughout our wet winter, to experience a sense of safety and assurance while riding, or even to feel informed and comfortable enough to take their bikes into a shop for repairs, women and trans cyclists are less likely to make cycling their main method of transportation.

This project proposed a bike repair workshop series catering specifically to women and trans folks to access skills, build confidence and keep biking, thus helping to increase the cycling mode share on campus. With support from the SPOKES team, this workshop series was held in the SPOKES cage at the Campus Bike Centre.

Summary of successes

  • Successfully taught bike repair skills to 16 individuals in the campus community 
  • Provided opportunity for women and trans folks to grow their capacities and build confidence