Invasive species management

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Project name: 
Invasive Species Management Program

Project cost:      


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Project Leaders:

Dr. Valentin Schaefer (Restoration of Natural Systems)

Ken Josephson (Geography)


Completed October 2016


Invasive species Management Plan (large file)  

Final Report

Project summary

The project addresses goal 2 of the grounds section of the Action Plan by removing invasive species, which is a problem beyond the capacity of Facilities. Invasive species, in particular English ivy and blackberry, have spread aggressively across campus and manual removal is required to stem the invasions, thereby promoting ecological balance.

This project proposed to develop a plan, provide coordination for the removal of invasive species on campus and develop an Invasive Species Management Plan, identifying priority areas for action. Student coordinators were hired to perform the work under the guidance of Dr. Valentine Schaefer as well as a student Community Mapping Assistant, under the supervision of Ken Josephson, to assist in mapping the project plans.

Summary of successes

  • Formation of an Advisory Committee
  • Development of an Invasive Species Management Program including field work and maps to identify sites for invasive species removal
  • A well-documented final Program report
  • A Volunteer Orientation Manual and an Open House to receive feedback from stakeholders and to publicize the program