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LGBTQIA2S+ students

We strive to be inclusive and welcoming to students of all genders. All SWC staff welcome questions about gender during appointments.

Transgender & gender diverse care

We offer a range of health care including gender-affirming medical care, referrals to specialists and inclusive sexual health care.

Our intake form invites you to share your gender identity if you are comfortable. Our forms also request that you indicate your name and pronouns for us to use in our interactions with you. Sharing this information is always your choice and will remain confidential.


  • The Chair in Transgender Studies has several resources available such as Vancouver Island Trans Resources and Transgender Archives.
  • UVic Pride celebrates sexual, gender and romantic diversity. You can find resources, chat online, take workshops and take part in events.
  • The Gender Empowerment Centre is a space for self-identified women, non-binary and gender non-conforming folks. It’s a place where you can organize, network, access resources, attend workshops and events, study and relax.
  • Equity and Human Rights has a selection of resources to support greater inclusion of trans, Two-Spirit, non-binary, and all gender diverse people. Learn about available resources for trans, Two-spirit and non-binary students to access around your health and external resources that advocate for you. There is also information on steps to take to update your personal information such as your name and gender so you’re not misidentified through UVic systems and where to find all-gender washrooms on campus.