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Indigenous students

We aim to provide a culturally safe and welcoming place for Indigenous students.

Nurse liaison

The nurse liaison will support you in accessing the health care you are looking for.

Stephanie Benedik is the SWC Nurse Liaison for Indigenous Students. She offers virtual drop-in or pre-booked appointments for Indigenous students.

Contact Stephanie or the coordinator of Indigenous student support to book an appointment or if you have any questions or concerns.

Indigenous counsellors

Our counsellors for Indigenous students offer a safe and caring space that honours Indigenous knowledge, experience and ways of healing. They address mental health concerns using a balance of Indigenous perspectives with appropriate and respectful mainstream approaches.

Our counsellors respect the diverse cultural backgrounds and levels of knowledge of all Indigenous students. Their counselling approaches can address the intergenerational effects of colonial traumas and the challenges of being a post-secondary student. The counsellors for Indigenous students are Roger John and Marcey Louie.

Indigenous students also have the option of seeing non-Indigenous counsellors.

Elders in residence

Indigenous students can meet with Elder Gerry Ambers at the Student Wellness Centre from September to April. Appointments with Gerry can be made by email or by calling 250-721-8563.

Indigenous students can also meet with an Old One/Elder in Residence at the First Peoples House.

The Elders in Residence are now available for virtual visits on Zoom or by phone weekdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. from September to April. To make an appointment to visit one of the Elders, please contact Diane Sam, Cultural Protocol Liaison.