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Academic supports

It’s very common for students to feel stressed and anxious about their studies at some point during their time at UVic. Academic stress can take a toll on your mental and emotional health. Getting a better handle on your studies can go a long way to helping you feel more balanced and happy.

Academic concessions

Academic concessions are available for students who are unable to complete a course with valid reason. Reasons may include:

  • injury
  • personal affliction or illness
  • family affliction or illness

Options depend on timing, circumstances and whether your coursework can be completed.

Advice & guidance

Academic advisers can help you manage your academic expectations and maintain an appropriate course load. They can help you access opportunities and resources.

Academic advising for undergraduate students

Program advising for graduate students

Building relationships with your instructors or supervisors can help you succeed. Instructors often hold office hours, which is a great opportunity to introduce yourself and discuss any concerns you have.

Learning resources

Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation (LTSI) provides a wide range of resources help you excel in your studies. You can get support for writing, editing your work, reading and thinking critically, speaking and making presentations and with math and stats. They also provide information on academic integrity, expectations and course experience surveys.

The Centre for Academic Communication (CAC) provides tutoring, workshops and self-help services to all students who need help with reading, writing, speaking and academic expectations.

Although the Math and Stats Assistance Centre is physically closed to students this term, their tutors have gone online to support you with your courses.

The Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) offers great services for students with disabilities. Their services include learning assistance and strategist programs, tutor programs and full-service note taking. Some of these programs are also open to all UVic students.

The C.W. Lui Learning Commons offers learning skills courses and workshops. They focus on time management, self-control, research help and study skills. Although the Learning Commons is physically closed at this time, they are available online to support your academic success.

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