Co-op in environmental studies

Caitlin McClure with a plant bug

A co-op term as an entomology guide at the Victoria Bug Zoo provided Caitlin McClure with great work experience.

Oyster sampling

Oyster sampling.

Vegetation plot recording

Vegetation plot recording.

Plankton oyster farm

As an environmental studies co-op student, you can complement your academic terms with co-op terms working for a range of employers.

Recording bird songs

Recording bird songs.

Salmon smolts sampling

Salmon smolts sampling.

Connecting Environmental Studies to work outside the classroom

UVic’s co-op program lets you try out career options and gain valuable work experience by alternating terms in school with terms in paid positions related to your program.

Almost half of the students at UVic take part in co-operative education terms and land a job offer before they graduate.

Learn more about how co-op works and connect with the Environmental Studies co-op coordinator.