Graduate programs

Annual application deadline for both programs is January 15: The entry point is September.

  • MA in Anthropology: intended as a two-year program, it offers students breadth in relation to our department’s integrative research themes while grounding students in the research methods of their primary subfield (archaeological, biological or cultural anthropology)
  • PhD in Anthropology: centres on integrative research themes intended to foster interdisciplinary dialogue around topics of pressing interest in contemporary anthropology and society. Collaborative, community-based scholarship and a critical engagement with processes of knowledge production are centre pieces of our doctoral program.
  • CSPT (Cultural, Social and Political Thought program): students applying for an MA or PhD Program in Anthropology may opt for a concentration in Cultural, Social and Political Thought (CSPT). Interested students should consult the admission requirements here and discuss this option with their prospective supervisor
  • INTD MA or PhD in Anthropology: individual interdisciplinary degree program allows students to create their own academic program by combining interests in different fields of study. For application deadlines, requirements, application procedure and other information please visit Graduate Studies.

For more details about our graduate program see our Anthropology Graduate Handbook 2020-21