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Pathways to Impact: Mobilizing Knowledge


The Pathways to Impact fund supports researchers in mobilizing knowledge and creativity for greater impact.

The fund is a joint initiative of the Office of the Vice-President Research and Innovation’s Research Partnerships and Knowledge Mobilization (RPKM) unit, in partnership with UVic Libraries.

This funding opportunity is not currently offered. For information on currently offered funding opportunities, see Research Strategic Initiatives and funding opportunities.

2022 fund recipients

Seven projects have been selected to mobilize knowledge that advances the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

To learn more about these projects and how your organization can benefit from a research partnership with UVic, connect with the Community Research Partnerships office.

Megan Ames

Autism support

Principal: Megan Ames (Psychology)

Canadian mapping of Autism-specific supports for postsecondary students

UVic leads the co-creation of a policy brief to support autistic learners in Canadian postsecondary institutions.

Learn more about the research supporting postsecondary students with ASD.
Caetano Dorea

Safe water & hygiene

Principal: Caetano Dorea (Civil Engineering)

A prospective cohort study of access to safe drinking water in Malawi: Community dissemination and engagement

UVic leads community engagement and dissemination of knowledge surrounding access to drinking water and domestic hygiene in Malawi, Africa.

Eric Higgs

Climate change

Principal: Eric Higgs (Environmental Studies)

Sentinels of change: Rising treelines and raising knowledge

UVic researchers address cultural, ecological and environmental urgency behind the Mountain Legacy Project.

Learn more about this research:

Christine Ou

Maternal postpartum

Principal: Christine Ou (Nursing)

Relationships between maternal-infant sleep and maternal mood knowledge dissemination

UVic project increases public awareness and reduces postpartum anger stigma.

Learn more about this research:

Theone Paterson

Mental health

Principal: Theone Paterson (Psychology)

Psychological impacts of COVID-19 on Canadians

UVic-led research team shares how COVID-19 impacts the mental health of Canadians.

Learn more about the research on the psychological impacts of COVID-19 on Canadians.
Kelli Stajduhar

Palliative care

Principal: Kelli Stajduhar (Nursing and Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health)

Developing a web-based toolkit to support palliative care in inner city settings

UVic’s commitment to integrating palliative approaches benefits vulnerable inner-city population.

Learn more about the Equity in palliative approaches to care community collaborative.
Sarah Weibe

Treaty relations

Principal: Sarah Marie Wiebe (Public Administration)

More than a state of emergency: Building an understanding of treaty relations through interactive storytelling

UVic elevates voices from Attawapiskat Treaty 9 territory to influence Indigenous environmental health and justice policy.

Learn more about Reimagining Attawapiskat project.