Funding opportunities

Internal grants

  • The Office of Research Services provides  internal grants in the form of “seed” grants to help faculty prepare for larger external grants and to disseminate the research results. These include support for the publications of scholarly books and creative work, internal research/creative project grants, small grants to assist with research-related travel costs and research grants in lieu of salary.

External grants

Special funding programs

  • Special funding programs are institutional-level programs supported by UVic according to the UVic Strategic Research Plan. Current programs include the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), the British Columbia Knowledge Development Fund (BCKDF), Canada Research Chairs (CRC) and Western Economic Diversification Canada (WED).

Covid-19 funding opportunities

Awards & honours

  • The awards & honours section provides information on applying for or nominating a colleague to receive an award or honour for their research contributions


Please visit our grants facilitation pages for tips and resources on preparing your application.

Grants (internal and external)

, Manager, Research Grants (pre-award)
Phone: 250-853-3103

, Manager, Research Finances (post-award)
Phone: 250-721-8079

, International Grants Facilitator
Phone: 250-472-5475

, Health Research Grant Facilitator
Phone: 250-721-6080 

, Research Programs Liaison
Phone: 250-472-4986

Special Funding Programs

, Manager, Institutional Programs
Phone: 250-853-3847

, Acting Senior Finance Project Officer
Phone: 250-472-4377

, Research Infrastructure Project Officer
Phone: 250-721-6096

, CRC Officer

, Senior Project Office
Phone: 250-472-4378

Institutional Programs Assistant
Phone: 250-472-5990 

Awards & Honours

, Awards Facilitator, Office of the Vice-President, Research
Phone: 250-472-5408

All external grant applications must be approved internally before submission to the funding agency. Please submit a Research Application Summary Form (RASF) and copy of the funding application to ORS using RAIS by the RASF submission deadline.

The RASF requires the following signatures and must be completed for both Principal Investigators and co-applicants on a joint application with another institution:

  • Principal Investigator (PI), or UVic co-applicant if applying with an external PI
  • Department Chair or School Director
  • Research Centre Director, if applicable
  • Dean of Faculty

RASF submission deadlines: Unless otherwise noted, the RASF submission deadline for all funding competitions is 10 working days prior to the external funder's deadline.

Principal Investigator Responsibilities

To apply for a funding opportunity, a principal investigator (PI) must be designated to assume the following responsibilities:

  • complete a UVic RASF via RAIS and, if applicable, a conflict of interest declaration
  • obtain all required signatures on both the RASF and research application (see University Policy # FM5100 Signing Authority)
  • if applicable, append the agency guidelines stating that indirect costs (overhead) are not an eligible expense or outlining the agency’s position regarding overhead
  • obtain all required sponsor contract or agreement signatures and approvals
  • ensure, in cooperation with the co-investigators, that the research team adheres to all UVic research and regulatory (ethics) policies
  • ensure that the grant or contract award is used only for its specified purpose
  • handle post-award financial administration of the project account, maintain signing authority and responsibility for any project overages
For more information, please contact the Research Programs Liaison at .

Grants facilitation is offered at both the university and faculty-level to assist you in preparing your application