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Internal grants

UVic offers a variety of internal funding opportunities to support research activities and professional development.

Book & creative works subvention fund

This fund helps UVic faculty members with the publishing of scholarly books and creative work. Costs associated with journal or conference publications are not covered.

Applications are accepted May 1 and September 1.

Note: There is no May 1, 2024 intake.

Emergency equipment repair fund

 Limited funds from OVPRI for small–medium cost equipment in urgent need of repair/replacement.

Research/creative project grant

This grant provides seed funding to help you prepare for larger external grants in the fields of social sciences, humanities and creative works. Funds for these grants come from VPRI and a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Institutional Grant. RCPGs awarded for SSHRC-eligible research are individually knows as SSHRC Explore Grants.

Application deadline extended: 4:00 pm March 25, 2024.

Matching funds for major projects

 Seed funds from OVPRI to help secure major external grant funding.

Robbins-Ollivier Award for Excellence in Equity

UVic has been invited by the Canada Research Chairs program (CRCP) to submit a nomination to the Robbins-Ollivier Award for Excellence in Equity. Institutions are limited to one application per year for this scheme, the Office of the VP Research and Innovation are coordinating an internal process to select one candidate or team to move forward to the submission stage.

Research grant in lieu of salary

Under Revenue Canada Guidelines, certain expenses pertaining to research that are paid out of a faculty member's salary have tax-free status.

The Research Grant in Lieu of Salary (RGLS) program allows faculty members to divert a portion of their salary to cover research-related expenses. This is particularly helpful during sabbatical years, but the RGLS program can be used any time.


  • May 1 for a start date of July 1
  • July 1 for a start date of September 1
  • November 1 for a start date of January 1
  • March 1 for a start date of May 1
Forms and important information:

Contact research grants if you have any questions or need help with any of the above.

Travel grants

ORS administers a travel grant program. This program assists faculty members to present their work at conferences and other scholarly forums.

These funds are often insufficient to cover all expenses. Make sure to always include requests for dissemination expenses in your external grants.

Deadline: at least 2 weeks before the event.

Contact research finances if you have any questions or need help. This email will generate a ticket for your request.

Pathways to Impact: Mobilizing Knowledge Fund

The Pathways to Impact fund supports researchers in mobilizing knowledge and creativity for greater impact.

Please see Pathways to Impact: Mobilizing Knowledge Fund to learn more about the fund and previous recipients.

The fund is a joint initiative of the Office of the Vice-President Research and Innovation’s Research Partnerships and Knowledge Mobilization (RPKM) unit, in partnership with UVic Libraries.

Contact us for more information.