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Apply for funding

UVic offers both internal and external research funding. 

  1. Identify a funding opportunity that best suits your research.
  2. Learn how to apply for:

Note: each funding opportunity has its own application process. Depending on the opportunity, ORS or your faculty grants officer (or equivalent) can help you with the development, submission and administration of research funding and proposals. 

Apply for internal funding

Internal research funding includes support for:

  • publications of scholarly books and creative work
  • internal research/creative project grants
  • help with research-related travel costs

You can also apply for research funding in lieu of salary. 

Apply for external funding

All external funding applications must be approved internally before you submit them to the funding agency.

You must submit a completed research application summary form (RASF), including a complete copy of your funding application, via the UVic Research Administration Information System (RAIS).

The RASF must be completed if you are a Principal Investigator or if you are a co-applicant on an application led by another institution. If multiple UVic co-applicants are participating in an application led by another institution, only one of them must complete an RASF.

Funding deadline & approvals

The RASF submission deadline is 2 weeks before the external funding deadline or 3 weeks for high-volume Tri-Agency competitions. Please contact your faculty grants officer (FGO) for more information.

  • the RASF submission deadline refers to the date of clicking Submit on the RASF using the RAIS system, which sends a draft application to your faculty grants officer
  • updated versions of your application can subsequently be emailed to your FGO to attach to your RASF
  • The application attached to your RASF should be close to a final draft to facilitate a robust review by FGOs and ORS

Note: only ORS can provide institutional approval for research grants, contracts or agreements. Researchers, chairs/directors and deans cannot sign or enter into an agreement on behalf of UVic.

Required signatures

The UVic researcher submits the RASF as the principal investigator (PI), or a UVic co-applicant if applying with an external PI, or as the supervisor for graduate students or post-doctoral fellows.

The RASF requires the following sign-offs:

  • faculty grants officer
  • department chair or school director, if applicable
  • research centre director, if applicable
  • faculty dean or associate dean research

Application checklist

For external funding opportunities, you must submit the following information to your faculty grant officer (FGO) by the RASF submission deadline.

A complete RASF, via RAIS:

  • applicant and funding opportunity information
  • details of which regulatory approvals are required
  • budget
  • cash and in-kind contributions (signed off on RASF by authorized UVic signatory, if applicable)

Including attachments:

  • the pdf preview of the application, as generated from within the funding agency's application portal
  • confirmation of cash and/or in-kind contributions from third parties, if applicable, either in letter or email format
  • letters of support, if required
  • all required signatures on application documents (ORS signature, if required, will be obtained at the final step of RASF approval)
  • other attachments required by the funding opportunity

Partner with industry

Some funding opportunities require a community or industry partnership. The research partnerships team can help connect you with community and industry partners best suited to your research.

Data Management Plans (DMPs)

Certain funding opportunities require data management plans (DMPs) to be submitted as part of the application package. In June 2022, the Tri-Agencies identified their initial set of funding opportunities that are subject to DMP requirements.

A data management plan (DMP) is a formal document that describes how you plan to collect, document, store and share your data throughout the lifecycle of a research project. Researchers are encouraged to use standardized tools to develop their DMPs, including the national DMP Assistant tool that has been endorsed by the Tri-Agencies.

UVic Libraries provide DMP training and support for UVic researchers and research teams, including instruction on using the DMP Assistant. UVic Libraries regularly offer online workshops for researchers. Check the libraries workshop schedule to see when the next session is offered.

The libraries have also created an asynchronous workshop that you can take anytime: Intro to Data Management Plans. For more information, including examples of data management plans from different disciplines, see the UVic Libraries Guide to Data Management Plans.

Safeguarding your research

The Research Security Unit (RSU) at UVic serves to protect our intellectual property and infrastructure, promote awareness of and provide education in research security, and help foster domestic and international partnerships. The RSU can help with:

  • Review of all security applications associated with Tri-Council funding
  • Review of Sponsored Research Agreements involving foreign partners
  • Host workshops and provide training on research security
  • Provide assistance in partnership assessments for faculty
  • Provide research security travel tips

Contact the RSU with any questions related to research security.

Workshops & resources

UVic offers a variety of workshops and resources for every stage of the funding application process. These include:

Need help?

Email our faculty grants officers - experts who can provide advice and help you find funding opportunities for your research.