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Animal care services

Animal Care Services (ACS) commits to providing research excellence to all UVic researchers.

ACS provides:

  • housing facilities and services for animals
  • veterinary and diagnostic services
  • training and expertise in laboratory animal medicine
  • veterinary oversight of all animal facilities at UVic

The Animal Care Committee (ACC) must approve all research with animals before starting.

Useful resources:

After hours emergencies

If you are working after hours (before 7:30 a.m., or after 3:30 p.m., 7 days per week) at any of the animal care or aquatics facilities and you experience an animal health or equipment-related emergency, please contact campus security (x7599).  On-call personnel will be notified of the emergency immediately.

Veterinary director

Our veterinary director can assist you with:

  • experimental design
  • diagnostic or medical support and guidance
  • regulatory guidance

Animal health technicians

Our animal health technicians (AHTs) can assist you with:

  • technical and health-related support for laboratory animals
  • acquisition of research animals, drugs and supplies
  • colony management, monitoring and trouble-shooting support
  • training for researchers in animal health assessment and technical procedures

Registered laboratory animal technicians

Our registered laboratory animal technicians (RLATs) can assist you with:

  • housing, equipment, breeding and dietary support/guidance
  • animal and procedure rooms maintenance
  • training in husbandry procedures
  • animal environment maintenance and monitoring

Aquatics technicians

Our aquatics technicians can assist you with:

  • aquatic animal husbandry and health
  • equipment and water quality maintenance and reporting
  • lab set-up and removal
  • training in husbandry and technical procedures for aquatic species

Animal ethics liaison

The animal ethics liaison can assist you with:

  • ACC and ACS enquiries
  • ACS education and training programs
  • Animal Use Protocol (AUP) and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) submissions for ACC review and approval

Procedure room calendars

To access the procedure room calendars and to book time, log into Connect .