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Matching funds for major projects

Program guidelines


  • to leverage UVic cash resources to secure additional major external grant funds
  • to encourage our faculty members to lead large-scale external grant applications

“Major” in this context means large-scale grants led by a UVic faculty member and involving several partners and/or institutions.

Examples of major programs typically supported include SSHRC Partnership, NSERC CREATE, and NFRF Transformation. Examples of programs not supported are SSHRC Insight, NSERC Discovery, CIHR Project Grant, CFI-JELF, NSERC RTI, and similar.

Projects that are primarily educational or outreach-focused are not supported through this research-focused online request form. Research-related events are not normally supported by the Office of the Vice-President Research and Innovation (OVPRI), but the Deans may make their own decisions.

Operational principles

  • The Faculties and OVPRI will provide contributions reflective of the scale and scope of the external application and the need for UVic contributions to secure external funds.
  • Faculties and OVPRI have no set internal budget for these types of requests. Funds will be committed on a rolling basis and will only be offered where they are required to unlock external funds.
  • UVic contributions are not transferable. If the project is not funded or is cancelled, a new funding request will be required.
  • Internal UVic funds must be used to support UVic-based activities, research, personnel and trainees. Internal funds will not be sent outside of UVic. 


Applications must be received 8 weeks before the external funding deadline.

Submit your requests as early as possible. Any requests received on a shorter timeframe may not be considered.

  • Researcher webform submission (8 weeks before external funding deadline)
  • Faculty decision (6 weeks before external funding deadline)
  • AVPR decision (4 weeks before external funding deadline)
  • RASF submission (2 weeks before external funding deadline)


So that all layers of administration understand the scope of the request, the applicant must obtain UVic matching funds “in order” from their Unit, Centre/Cluster (if applicable), Faculty, any other internal sources, and OVPRI. 


  1. The principal applicant will complete the request form. The form will be sent to their Associate Dean Research (ADR). The applicant is responsible for forwarding email confirmation(s) of funding from Units/Centres/Clusters (as relevant) separately to the ADR. 
  2. The applicant’s Associate Dean Research will consider the request, decide on their own contribution, and return the request to an Associate Vice-President Research (AVPR). By doing so, the ADR indicates that they have the assurance of funding offers from Units, Centres, and/or other internal sources affiliated with the Faculty. Note that approvals for teaching release (if applicable) must be given subsequently by Chairs/Deans during the RASF approval process.
  3. The AVPRs will meet on an ad-hoc basis to review requests and make decisions about OVPRI support within two weeks of the request submission.
  4. The applicant will receive notification on whether the request was approved, approved subject to conditions or declined. No other feedback will be provided.

Apply now

The application form is a microsoft form and requires a UVic NetLink ID.

Need help?

If you have any questions, please contact us.