Undergraduate Curriculum Upgrade

The English Department is excited to launch an upgraded curriculum starting in summer 2023. This upgrade features 3 major changes:

  • All English courses will be labeled ENSH (the first and last letters of ENgliSH). All ENGL credit and courses will still count toward your degree.
  • We have added 25 new courses that focus on theme (such as Literature and Love or Literature and Social Justice), form (such as How Poetry Works or How Fiction Works), and genre (such as Young Adult Literature or Speculative Fiction). Now, half our curriculum is organized around literary history and the other half is organized around theme, form, and genre.
  • We have introduced capstone seminars at the 400-level, which more clearly differentiates each level of our curriculum. All our 100-level courses meet the AWR. Our 200-level courses offer surveys and introduction to literary study at the university level. Our 300-level courses offer deep dives into particular periods and topics. The new 400-level capstone seminars offer a small research-intensive course for Majors and Honours students.

See more videos from the Curriculum Upgrade playlist on YouTube.


Will the ENGL courses I’ve taken still count?

Yes. All your ENGL credit will still count. Some ENGL credit will even meet specific requirements for the upgraded Major and Honours Programs. Check out the course equivalent guides to find out which ones will work.

Can I finish the ENGL Major, Minor/General, or Honours program I’m already working on?

Yes. If your first term at UVic was before Summer 2023, you can choose whether you want to complete an old ENGL program or upgrade to a new ENSH program. You can make this decision by talking to an academic advisor. If you join UVic in Summer 2023, you will get to pursue the upgraded ENSH program.

How does ENSH compare ENGL?

ENSH courses are just as thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating as ENGL courses. They will equip you with the same sort of skills and meet the same learning outcomes. ENSH Major, Minor/General, and Honours Programs may be logistically easier to complete than their ENGL counterparts because they require fewer specific courses. This means you don’t need to organize your schedule around a single course or wait for a specific course to be offered. This will make it easier to add a Minor or a Double Major.

What can I expect at each level in the upgraded curriculum?

The upgraded curriculum offers students more autonomy to take a variety of courses. What are some possible pathways through the program?

Can I finish an ENGL program that I've already started?

Yes. Students whose first term at UVic was before Summer 2023 can choose to complete an old ENGL program or upgrade to a new ENSH program. Students whose first term is Summer 2023 or later will get to do complete an ENSH program.

Where can I get more information about the new Curriculum?

  • On Clearihue Corner, the English Student Association Podcast. Hosts John Fitzsimmons, Mariah MacWilliam, and Braedon Lowey interviewed Corinne Bancroft about the Upgraded Curriculum. Check out "The New Curriculum is Here to Help You!"  (Discussion of the curriculum starts at 58:40)
  • On our Instagram account!