Frequently asked questions

Are there any prerequisities for English Classes?

Professional Communication courses also have prerequisites. You must have an average grade of B or better or permission of the Director of Professional Communication.

Transfer students should contact the Director as course grades that were transfered to UVic will not be seen within the registration system. You will need permission to register.

When will I know my grades?

After the grade submission deadline (7 days after an exam or final asignment is due date) expect a 4 day processing period before grades are visible. In short, you can expect to see your final grades in approximately 11 days.

How can I view my exam?

First talk to your instructor. If your instructor has already sent the exam to Records for storage you will need to go to Exams during the viewing period.

Which first year course should I take?

Please read our descriptions of each course to find a course you would enjoy taking part in.

Why does it say the course is closed?

If you are still within the registration period, then you may need to waitlist for the course.

If you are having trouble selecting the waitlist option, try searching for the course using the Course Registration Number (CRN). This is located at the bottom of your My Page, course add/drop section. You must change the drop-down menu to "waitlist" it is automatically set to "none".

What are my chances of getting into a class when I am on the waitlist?

We can not guarantee that you will get an offer to join a class. Every class is different and how many students stay in a particular class or drop is beyond the control of the department.

Ensure you are checking both your email and My Page for registration offers. You only have a 24 hour window to accept. If you miss your registration offer, we are not able to put you into the class or bump you back into first place on the wiatlist. You will have to re-join the waitlist and try again.

First-year courses have huge waitlists, what can I do?

You shoud stay on the waitlist for the time/date that best matches your schedule and pay close attention to your email and My Page.

If the department opens additional sections of a first-year class, all students on the waitlist will recieve an email indicating the new section with date and time. If you are not on the waitlist, you will not recieve any advanced notice.

Do I need to attend my class if I am on the waitlist?

Yes, you need to attend at least one class in the first week of the semester.

Failure to attend a class in the first week of the term will result in being removed from the waitlist or class to allow other students the opportunity to register.

All instructors will take attendance of both class and waitlisted students to ensure that active students are able to register before the last day to add.